Skiing in Star Mountain

Skiing begins at Yıldız Mountain: Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration Salih Ayhan has examined the works on the Yıldız Mountain. On the spot, General Secretary Ayhan evaluates the works in the region following the tour. he said.

Ayhan stated that a tender was made for the personnel to be employed at Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center. Erciyes A.Ş. We will start a training process in this region with our consultancy service and we will make our facilities ready for service in the winter time as we promised. After signing the protocol, the 26 personnel who will come from there will train our 8 personnel to be employed here during the 26 year. Of course, our goal is to draw a common road map by using the knowledge and knowledge of our friends who are experts in coaching, who have sacrificed the skiing in Sivas and have struggled for years. Our biggest goal is to make our facilities work in a healthy way. But; Yildiz, where the construction of day-to-day facilities continues rapidly, builds a prefabricated building of 1 square meters in case the facilities cannot reach the winter period. We want to see ourselves here this winter and we want to familiarize ourselves with the people of Sivas. Bu

Stating that work is underway for a new road project that will provide connection to the Hot Mountain-Airport connection, Ayhan said that the existing roads and the alternatives that may be parallel to this were also carried out, and the standard of the existing roads was raised. As a result of the negotiations with the General Directorate of Highways and the Ministry of Development Hot-Çermik-Yıldız Mountain road is taken into the investment plan that gives the Ayhan, uc Star Mountain is now a transportation but the standard is not high. Of course, such a facility, 75 million pounds to spend the quality of road quality is not desirable. The Minister of National Defense, Mr. Ismet Yilmaz, the initiative of the Hot Çermik-Yıldız Mountain road connection point required talks were made. At the meeting held with the General Directorate of Highways and Ministry of Development, it was decided to take the connection of Hot Çermik-Yıldız Mountain to the tourism road network. The studies will continue. Our first priority is to improve the quality of transportation to Yıldız Mountain. There was no way between Yakupoglan and Yildiz Mountain. But today the 12 meters wide standard has led to a beautiful high. Ama

Stating that they are in an effort to create the necessary infrastructure against the possibility of snowing at Yıldız, Ayhan also heralded that the artificial snow system will be installed on the runways at the plant in 2015.

Ayhan stated that there is no problem about the source and that if they need it they will do everything they can to provide it. . We hope that this year will snow, we pray. Of course, if you do not invest in the 75 million, but it is not possible to remain idle. We will do a work on artificial snow in 2015 year. We'il build a water pool. We will base the water pool on the center of the artifacts and build an artificial snow machine. Technology is advanced, we have the possibility, we have the capacity. We're gonna fight for money. The Minister of National Defense, Mr. İsmet Yılmaz, is the follower and architect of this issue. He has been following this business since the Undersecretariat. Our MPs have a lot of support and we haven't had any trouble until now. We think we can't live. Therefore, we will establish the artificial snow system in 2015 against a situation such as snowing. With the establishment of artificial snow system, our tracks will be in compliance with international standards. Ası

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