YHT works will give life to Larende Neighborhood

📩 30/11/2018 18:28

YHT works will give life to Larende District as well: High-speed train works carried out in Karaman will also give life to Larende District, which has been disconnected from the city for years. Expropriation, zoning regulations and implementations within the scope of the works carried out by Karaman Municipality; There will be 18 overpasses and 3 underpass. While the overpass works at the Rainbow Pool and Makro Market crossing continue at full speed, the underpass to be built at the stadium junction and the overpass project to be built in the Piri Reis Neighborhood will start soon.

Mayor Ertuğrul Çalışkan said that Karaman quickly gained the identity of a "brand city" and emphasized that Larende District will now become a whole with the city with underpass and overpass projects on the railway. Mayor Çalışkan, who examined the works on site, said: “Our city is currently a construction site. On the one hand, we continue our work as a municipality, on the other hand, we follow public investments and provide the necessary support to these works. Wherever service will come from Karaman, we have to open the way for it. Our Minister has a great role in these investments. High-speed train services will start in Karaman very soon. This great investment brings positive services as well. Underpasses and overpasses to be built within the project will add value to Larende, Yenişehir and Sümer Neighborhoods where the train line passes. It will eliminate the disconnection with the city center that has been going on for years in this region. Currently, the overpass works in the Rainbow Pool and Makro Market crossing have taken shape. Later, an overpass will be built in Piri Reis Neighborhood and a very modern underpass will be built in the area where the Stadium Junction is located. Thus, transportation to this region will be provided in four ways, ”he said.

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