Domestic Tramway ISTANBUL

Domestic Tram ISTANBUL: Istanbul Tramway "project is a domestic vehicle project that has been implemented with the efforts of our country's designers and engineers. Istanbul Tram has a design line that combines the visual identity and design understanding of Istanbul with modern technology. It is a vision of localization that will reduce repair costs. The vehicle meets the operating criteria of both tramway and light metro line with its technical and design features.

You can visit Istanbul Tram to examine the technology and construction stages in more detail.


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  1. I read the news of 11.11.2014 ISTANBUL'S DOMESTIC TRAINING with excitement, I was extremely proud. CONGRATULATIONS! With its original design, at least as it appears in the picture, it's definitely uncommon, but it will certainly be appreciated. I hope that he can collect the same appreciation about “DETAY olan which is one of the main problems of our country. Because our country, which is not known for its precision / excellence and perfectionism, is not known for its productions.
    At the first glance I cannot see the details of the paintings. A criterion here is extremely important for pedestrian safety. In old constructions, a pedestrian falling in front of the vehicle cannot be sufficiently secured by the so-called protective iron busbar, so that it can enter up to the bogie section, so as to crush, disturb, cut, etc. The fact that severe or even fatal injuries are inevitable. Therefore, in new constructions, one of the most important criteria of pre-design is that the pedestrian is kept by a structure similar to dpo, which prevents the person from entering under the vehicle. This very important function part is either integrated into the body as part of the aesthetic, or as an unobtrusive hidden piece.
    I hope such a function and its parts “song procedure al has not been neglected!

  2. Another point is the localization rate of such systems. What parts and parts of the group were localized? Are the localized parts only specific to a series of models, or are they ensured their sustainability with the necessary R & D capacity? For decades, we have been producing passenger cars, aircraft, ships, trains, locomotives, low domestic parts, parts groups. There's nothing new about it. We are famous even in copying, even in intellectual theft, after the Chinese we do not know much of a rival. But the most important thing here is B SUSTAINABILITY burada !!! Nobody claims that we are at that level, so the crows don't laugh. Because a test and qualification institute is one of the requirements of TUBITAK. For example; which boji is our gift in this branch, is the original design? The pantograph, the half-capped kataner so Pant
    We wish odurki, at least one taxpayer institute, or even institutes and necessary R & D groups, units, universities in our universities as soon as possible! BECAUSE We have the opportunity to turn our late and backwardness into an extraordinary opportunity and a chance to this day. Irs There has not been such a big demand in any country in the world and it will not occur in the near future. This point triggers the instinct of getting a share of the cake and making an emergency. Economically true. But here, sustainability is very important. This opportunity is also the greatest opportunity to get the necessary scientific, engineering and opportunistic framework together with its entire periphery in a short time. Let's not forget Ç EVERY CHOICE IS A DISSEMINATION IN THE SAME TIME Unut. Here and in this process, those who can be abandoned are quite secondary and tertiary. Such opportunities are not easily and quickly captured.