Elbistan-Darica road works have gained speed

Work on the road to Elbistan-Darica has accelerated: The works carried out for the transportation of the 45 kilometer road, which extends between Elbistan district of Malatya and Malatya and the Darıca Quarter of the Akçadağ district of Malatya, has been accelerated.
As the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process has been completed, the project works have ended for the construction of the highway as a divided road, and the firm that carries out the expropriation tender carries out its activities.
Providing transportation between Elbistan and Malatya and Elbistan 58. Elbistan-Darica Highway, which is located within the boundaries of the branch office, consists of approximately 45 kilometers. The 7,5 kilometer part of this road until the exit of Elbistan-Söğütlü Beldesi was made as a split road with the tender made in the previous years and it was opened to transportation.
Highways Mersin 5. On the 28 May 2014 Day by the Regional Directorate of the project, a hot-dip coating work is being carried out in the 7.5 kilometer section of the Elbistan-Malatya Highway, which is prepared as a previously divided road and is covered by the surface.
Elbistan-Kahramanmaras highway from the road from Ekinozu, Elbistan city pass and Nurhak road to the dump site until the part of the infrastructure as a mixture of hot asphalt was last year. Following this road with an investment of about 20 million, hot mixture coating works are carried out on the road to Elbistan-Malatya and Elbistan-Thermal power plant.
Before the Nurhak Junction and the exit of the Söğütlü Mahallesi 7.5 a kilometer part of the road as a divided road, bituminous hot mixture coating is done.
The contractor will complete the 5 kilometer part of the road, and then the hot mix asphalt will be built on the 2 kilometer of Elbistan-Çoğulhan Highway.



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