Vehicle inspection delay charges restructured

Vehicle inspection delay fees have been restructured: The legal regulation known to the public as the Bag law was published in the Official Gazette dated September 11 and entered into force.
Vehicle inspection delay fees 31 December 2014 day until the end of working hours will be calculated according to this arrangement discounted.
Motor vehicle tax, traffic fines, highway bridge delay hike and interests can be restructured at a discount according to this law. The deadline for application for this configuration is December 1, 2014.
As it is known, it is not possible to sell second hand vehicles without inspection. In order for a vehicle to be examined, there should be no MTV, traffic fines and motorway crossing debts.
We recommend that vehicle owners, who have not been able to carry out their examinations for a long time, should not miss the opportunity of vehicle inspection, traffic fines and motor vehicle tax delay reduction that will last until the end of the year.
To calculate your delay fee Click.
Details are as follows:
Vehicle inspection, traffic fines, motorway crossing and motor vehicle tax delay within the scope of the 11 Labor Law, which was published in the Official Gazette (Reiterated) dated September 2014, 29116 and numbered 6552, and the Law on the Restructuring of Some Claims and the Law on Restructuring of Some Claims. The new regulations on fees are as follows:
11, the date of publication of the law, with the new legal regulation covering all types of vehicles that do not have a valid inspection as of September 2014, the inspection delay fee for each month delayed may be paid at a discount as given below. Although the delay fee varies depending on the period and length of its occurrence, it can be considered as approximately one-seventh of the old amount (1 / 7).
A car with a delay of 1 year will pay 100 TL instead of a delay of 18 TL, so there is a discount of 82 TL. This discount figure is 109 TL for the bus…
4 TL will pay 400 TL instead of 50 TL, Truck will pay 535 TL instead of 68 TL, Tractor will only pay 203 TL instead of 25.
A 10 year delayed minibus will pay 991 TL instead of 120 TL, and bus / truck will pay 1.340 TL instead of 169 TL. In other words, there is a discount over 1.000 TL.
A tractor that has not been examined for 10 years will pay 510 TL instead of 62 TL, a discount of 450 TL…
The figures are approximate, different numbers will be generated for each vehicle according to the delay month.
Click for sample comparison table by year and vehicle type.
Click here to view the sample vehicle inspection delay discount table.
Click here to view the sample tractor inspection delay discount table.
Click here to see the Ministry of Finance communiqué.
For more information is website or call the information line 444 0 189 of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Turkey.
Vehicle Inspection Delays
Reduction of the delay penalty that comes with the new regulation includes the vehicles that have not been validated as of 11 September 2014 date when the regulation was published and have not been inspected as of the date of the law.
Vehicles that will be delayed after the effective date of September 11, 2014 are not covered, therefore vehicles expiring after this date will pay a 5% monthly delay fee.
The inspection delay fee calculated as 5 percent of the inspection fee for each month delayed by the new legal regulation, instead; The monthly change rates of D-PPI (Domestic Producer Price Index) until the law is published will be calculated based on the monthly rate of 1 percent for each month from the publication of the law to the date of vehicle inspections. it can be considered as ONE SEVEN (1/7) of the old amount.
Since the regulation on vehicle inspection delays was issued in 2005, there is no vehicle that is delayed over the 10 year. All delay fees are paid to the treasury. The figures include VAT. All delay collections are paid to the treasury.
Edit 31 December Valid until 2014 (including this date).
Detailed information about Motor Vehicle Tax and Traffic Penalty Delay reduction
30 The tax on motor vehicles finalized as of April 2014 (excluding the second installment of motor vehicle tax accrued for the year 2014) and all tax-related tax penalties will be paid. Instead of delay interest / delay hike, the amount calculated based on D-PPI monthly change rates until the publication of the Law will be paid within the scope of the structuring. The collection of delay interest and delay hikes will be abandoned.
Traffic administrative fines, bridges and all the fines imposed due to irregular crossings by auto roads; instead of the monthly percent 5 rates applied to these fines, the amount calculated based on D-PPI monthly change rates until the date of the Law will be paid within the scope of the structuring. Monthly percentage of the collection of interest calculated at the rate of 5 will be abandoned.
Motor vehicle tax and traffic fines structured under the law can be paid in advance, as well as 6, 12 and 18 in equal installments.
In addition, 31 December 2013 issued before the date and the amount of the traffic fines under the 120 lira to be notified to those concerned, the notification of those who will be notified of the collection.
The final application for MTV and traffic fine configurations is until the end of working hours on 1 December 2014.

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