UTIKAD President Erkeskin, ITO Speaked in November Assembly Meeting

UTIKAD President Erkeskin Speaked at the Assembly Meeting of the ICOC in November: Turgut Erkeskin, the President of the Association of International Transport and Logistics Service, gave a speech to the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in November in his speech at the November November meeting of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. thanked İTO for its contributions.

UTIKAD President Erkeskin in his speech, 150 10 million people from the country, 40.000 near the Transport Affairs Organizer and a non-governmental organization representing the Logistics Company, the Federation of International Association of Transport Workers' Association of FIATA's 52 Congress in Istanbul as the home of UTIKAD said that they owned it.

Mr. Erkeskin emphasized that a historical congress was held with the participant who passed the 13 from 18-100 October between October and October. In our congress, there were over 1.100 participants. This historical record in the world of FIATA was signed in Istanbul. Again, our participants returned to their country with the comments of gerçekleştiril The most successful congress ever realized Yine. It is proud to take our comments and to our country. Bu

Turgut Erkeskin, the stability provided by the Turkish industry and the success of the trade with Turkey's economy in recent years has emphasized that one of the most important factors underlying the success of this date. Noting that the trade logistics sector develops in harmony with the world Erkeskin, vision of growth with the investments made in this period that the way to becoming the base of production and logistics, he said all eyes turned to Turkey in the light.

Stating that Istanbul, which was the capital of three empires and which is the intersection point of continents, civilizations and trade, is also an important factor in this success, Erkeskin said: “Our beautiful city of Istanbul attracts the attention of investors from all over the world. The contributions of our Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in reaching this point are undeniable. The opportunities and supports offered by our chamber, especially in logistics-related studies, are very important and valuable. also with the contribution of our rooms UTIKAD was just not an important brand in the whole world in Turkey. When we examine the work we do with the search for solutions to the problems our members that we do not just settle for them, so the logistics sector and Turkey to the Turkish industry and trade, Turkey will see that we add value to prosperity. "

In the 2014 Istanbul process, Mr. İksa emphasized the fact that İTO was in the presence of UTIKAD.

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