UTIKAD Participated in Logitrans Fair

📩 30/11/2018 18:34

UTIKAD Logitrans Fair 'n Joins: Turkey's logistics fair Logitrans the 8th time in Istanbul Expo Center in 22 countries brought together close to 200 participants. UTIKAD Board Chairman Turgut Erkeskin made a speech at the opening ceremony.

UTIKAD President Erkeskin, said through a significant transformation process of Turkey and logistics sector, Turkey has pursued policies aimed at increasing its share of world trade and the key point of the "logistics", he said.

The opening ceremony was held in Istanbul Expo Center with the President of UTIKAD and FIATA Vice President Turgut Erkeskin, TOBB Transportation and Logistics Council and UND President Çetin Nuhoğlu, Chairman of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry Walter Ruck and German Federal Transport and Digital Infrastructure Undersecretary Dorothee Bär. representatives of the logistics sector attended.

Speaking at the opening, UTIKAD President Turgut Erkeskin told the key players in the logistics sector from all over the world, the point the Turkish economy and the transportation sector reached today.

The sector's growth journey pointed out that the infrastructure is very important Erkeskin, Turkey's Asian and equipped ports in the region progresses along the coast role as bases between European railway fast trains and Marmaray Istanbul, xnumx'ünc the airport, said the acceleration of investments such as xnumx'ünc bridge .

Turkey and Erkeskin indicating that a significant process of change in the industry, "Turkey is now in the logistics industry is very active and dynamic loads. In the last decade, the country's transportation infrastructure has made huge investments such as roads, seaports, airports, railways, bridges, logistics centers. In addition to public investments, our private sector invested in freight centers. Today, in terms of carrying capacity, we have equipped facilities to cover this freight transfer. Bugün

In today's global economic restructuring in the country to receive the highest share of trade in global value chain strategies Referring to determine Erkeskin, Turkey also is pursuing policies aimed at increasing its share of world trade and the key point was the "logistics", he said.

indicating that the points to be revised in the logistics system to reach the level we are aiming at the world trade Erkeskin said: "logistic centers in Turkey planned earlier, we their location, size, we have to re-evaluate the structure and management systems. Our main elements in the supply chain are “security“ and unsur visibility Tedarik. We have to build and develop a secure supply chain. For this, 'digitization' must be in all our business rings. Communication and data transfer should be provided to all stakeholders such as terminal operators, physical carriers, transport organizers, customs administration within the logistics system on a single platform. Lojistik

Erkeskin noted that the logistics sector should develop new logistics products while increasing the business volumes of these factors. Hacim We have to focus on horizontal expansion. We must be in the logistical structures specific to sectors such as automotive, fresh vegetable-fruit and chemistry. Otomotiv

UTIKAD Erkeskin President, Turkey's Europe-Middle-East, Africa and important tasks in the future, while civil society organizations in becoming a regional center for Western Asia between production and distribution fall, he said. Erkeskin stated that logistics is not just a matter of carrying goods from one place to another and that it has a culture with other elements. As of today, the logistic culture is composed of 3 factors and they are bunlar culture of culture, innovation culture and quality culture Bugün.
Saying that they act with this responsibility and awareness as UTIKAD, Erkeskin stated that in addition to its traditional role, it is different from other national associations with the services it provides to its members and the sector, saying: “We organize certified trainings for our members, we publish books that will be a source for universities where vocational training is provided. conference in the world and in Turkey, our members around the world to follow the best practices by participating in meetings and we are forwarding logistics industry. We have special insurance programs for our members to increase insurance awareness in the sector. The main point in all our activities is based on "sustainability". Based on this philosophy, we cooperated with the audit firm Bureau Veritas, and we became the pioneer of the "Sustainable Logistics Certificate" study, which will be carried out according to the sector-specific requirements in order to direct companies in the logistics and transportation sector to sustainable growth. This year, we made the biggest contribution to our industry with the FIATA Congress, which we hosted. We hosted more than 2014 logistics professionals from nearly 100 countries in FIATA 1.100 Istanbul. "

UTIKAD President Erkeskin also thanked the authorities of EKO Fuarcılık for hosting such a fair which brings together the sector representatives from all over the world in Istanbul.

UTİKAD was at Logitrans Fair with its stand

In the fair, which lasted for 3 days and was close to 200, UTIKAD had the opportunity to meet with representatives of local and foreign companies, representatives of public institutions and organizations.

While giving information about the activities of the association to the sector, the educational programs given in the center of the association and the books published for the sector were also introduced.

UTIKAD President Erkeskin Speaks at the ATLAS Logistics Awards Ceremony

Every year during the Logitrans Fair announced the winners and this year 5. Talking at the Atlas Logistics Awards Competition, Erkeskin said that everyone who applied to the awards was the first and every institution was the first. Underlining that there are companies and professionals who have accomplished very successful works in the sector, Erkeskin congratulated all the participants and the winners.

UTIKAD President Erkeskin received the award of Ekol Logistics from Ekol Logistics Fleet General Manager Cavit Değirmenci for the leri International Logistics Operators O category. He presented to the director Osman Küçükertan.

UTIKAD President Erkeskin:: Self Portraits' should be installed in our ports

In addition, the opening speech of the "Automotive Conference" held by AKJ Automotive within the scope of the fair was made by UTIKAD President Turgut Erkeskin. Erkeskin, recent developments in the automotive sector, logistics sector told the representatives of Turkey and in Europe.

The main target of the logistics sector is the optimum distribution and efficient use, timely delivery, zero stock and low costs among the transportation modes. Erkeskin said, özellikle The logistics companies also provide the opportunity to reduce their costs and increase their competitiveness especially with the solutions they developed for the automotive industry over the last 5 years. Lojistik Erkeskin stated that the 94 of the finished products in the automotive sector was transported by Ro-Ro vessels in the seaway, and that the requirements should be analyzed in an environment where the sea is so important, and that there is a need for in self-portraits-at the points where industry is gathered especially in East and South Marmara.

Erkeskin, Eastern and Southern Marmara's railway connection with Europe Halkalı-Çerkezköy As the improvement works were not completed, Tekirdağ-Derince said that the ferry crossing was not working efficiently and weakened due to the fact that Marmaray was not used for the load transitions. These failures, especially between Anatolia and Europe to develop block train transportation and industrialists to provide an important logistics solution established to provide a significant solution to the development of BALO, which is a partner of UTIKAD said.

Port and emphasized the importance of the rail link Erkeskin, "both an important transportation alternative rail again moved to the European automotive sector's spare parts available on a well to well in bringing Turkey's spare parts produced in Turkey and finished products. In this respect, our production facilities and logistics centers need to have railway connections. Tesis

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