Concrete developments continue in Uşak Municipality projects

Concrete developments in Uşak Municipality projects are ongoing: İzmir Regional Director of Highways Abdülkadir Uraloğlu visited Mayor Nurullah Cahan at his office about the projects of Uşak Municipality and road works in the city.
After the visit, municipal projects and studies were examined on the spot. Prior to the intersection, which was planned to take place in the immediate vicinity of the Huzur Park, the crossing of the crossroads was planned, and then the crossing of the northern and southern ring roads was examined. Subsequently, the last situation related to the construction of the ring road was seen in construction sites and road construction areas.
Mayor Nurullah Cahan, who gave information about the visit, stated that they came to the last stage of the projects which are in the interest of the highways in the city. Cahan said that he came to Uşak and said he saw the projects on-site as the Regional Director of Highways. In addition to our city, we have been working intensively for our projects in Ankara and Izmir. These works also include projects in the area of ​​the Regional Directorate of Highways. Within this scope, Abdulkadir Uraloglu, the Regional Director of Highways Izmir, has always been by our side. Bu
Underlining the fact that Abdulkadir Uraloglu, the Regional Director of Highways Izmir, had a chance for them to examine the projects on site, he pointed out that they had the opportunity to explain the works better. Afterwards, Cahan said that they will continue to follow all the projects of the city with the same excitement. An Our sensitivity will continue for our city to reach our targets. We will continue our negotiations to reach our targets on the basis of all relevant departments and ministries. All of our citizens living in our city will feel the difference of our follow-up with projects that will soon come to life. Kent



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