Ulusoy, with Intermodal transport offers savings of 25% on the road to Germany

Ulusoy, Germany offers intermodal transportation path with 25% savings Ulusoy Logistics, which began in July of this year and joining the road to the railways 'intermodal' transport to transportation between Turkey and Germany made it economical. The five-day 2 thousand 400 km road is now more economical than the 25 without carbon emissions.

Ulusoy Logistics, with the new application launched in July 2014 offers significant advantages in transportation to Germany. arising from rail and road junction "intermodal" launching freight stating that they achieved a first in Turkey Ulusoy International Investment Holding Logistics Group General Manager Ertunç Laçinel, "along with this service are expected to be between us the most powerful transport network with Germany, many advantages for our customers to come forward," he he said. Laçinel stated that the intermodal transportation of the vehicles was put on the train directly. Km 2.400 km between Germany and Cologne 5 is passing safely in a short time without any carbon emission. The same vehicles are delivered to the address with our waiting trucks at our arrival stations and the cost is decreasing by approximately 25 ic.


"Project, Çerkezköy and Cologne output / destination stations weekly flights between the two opposing, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Germany are working on the route. This is by route of all DB Schenker Rail and likewise managed from a single center "explanation that Laçinel," Besides, in the same way on the route every 400 km in the corresponding station in loading and unloading our system gives the possibility to be done, not only in Germany -Turkey line; It offers services in a geography covering Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and also Austria. Another advantage of our block train is; As it is carried by using pocket wagon, Iso Tank, which provides both semi-trailer and container and liquid transportation, also provides the opportunity to transport to containers within the same block and route. ”


Laçinel stated that they are a company that produces solutions for all logistics needs with its fleet and 700 employees. Üreten Our vehicles in road transport are at a level that can serve all domestic and international sectors. We are serving to large companies with our tanker variety in fuel transportation. We meet all the needs of our customers with our international partners in maritime transport and after service. We provide solutions for all kinds of needs in air transport. In addition to our storage services, our storage areas in 171.000 m2, located in Mersin, Istanbul and Gebze, are able to meet the needs of our customers with our bonded storage area of ​​50.000 m2 Depolama.


We will focus on investments in our trailer, wagon and infrastructure works by increasing our 2014 trailers, 105 Hugopack trailers and approximately 250 mega containers of equipment in 500, ”said Laçinel. we will make mutual expeditions every day and we are trying to realize this plan in the beginning of 2015. Çerkezköy as well as terminal HalkalıDerince, add in the same way Köseköy terminals in the Anatolian side of the main terminals will serve to cover all of Turkey. In this direction, we have started ten studies with TCDD and our trial flights will start soon. Bu

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