The road that leads to the construction of the ropeway to Uludağ was left on the road due to snowfall (Photo Gallery)

The truck carrying materials for the construction of the cable car to Uludag was stuck on the road due to snowfall: In Uludağ, one of the important centers of winter tourism, drivers who climbed to the summit with their vehicles were stranded due to the effect of snowfall. A truck carrying materials for the cable car construction got out of control and closed the road to traffic.
The snowfall in Uludağ has been effective for two days. Following the National Park, it was seen that the distance between the roads and the white roads decreased to 5 meters. Drivers who want to go to the top of the chain did not have a hard time. Drivers who had difficulty walking on snow-covered roads continued with their chains.
On the other hand, the area for the construction of cable cars took place in the Sarıalan district of the Samet E. 34 MIP 85 snow-covered road, had a hard time sliding. TIR, which closed the road to traffic, was recovered by pulling 6 hours later. In addition, the highways teams, the grinder with the opening of the road made salting work.
In addition, 2 snowfall 10 centimeter in Uludag due to snowfall. Snowfall is expected to continue until Wednesday.
Stating that the truck slid out of snow, driver Samet E. said, “I was taking materials for the cable car construction. When the road was covered with snow, he slipped while turning the bend. "We will move on with the help of a crane and continue on our way."
A person who stated that he came to Uludağ from Istanbul for a holiday said, “We did not expect that there would be such a profit. That's why we put a chain on our vehicle. "We will continue on our way and enjoy the weekend."