3 Day Test Break on Uludag Cable Car Line

Uludağ Cable Car line is at a break for 3 days: It has been announced that there will be 3 days of test trials on the cable car line, which attracts thousands of people to Uludağ.

In Uludağ, which has become an important center in Bursa winter tourism, the works to deliver the cable car line to the hotels continue rapidly.

Thousands of people showed great interest in the cable car to grow the new season as soon as possible to work while continuing to work with the cable car was announced a two-day break due to the test.

Teleferik Inc. 's official website made a written statement; Tir Our facilities will not be able to provide services on 26 and 27 November due to rope test. Thank you for your understanding. Için
It has been announced that the cable car will not serve until Friday if the works are prolonged. Citizens who want to go to Uludağ www.teleferik.com.t is You can get information from the internet address or by calling 444 6 345.

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