Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits Explained Goals in Ski Sports

Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits Explained Goals in Ski Sports: Turkey Ski Federation (MHF), country sports and announced the project will contribute greatly to the economy.

Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits, 'an Economic Development Model; Skiing Sport 'project titled Ski Federation and the goals they set as Turkey in the coming period, at a press conference held by President açıkladı.tkf Benefits, "A Model for Economic Development; The project titled "Ski Sport" basically has two bases; He also emphasized the need to focus on investment while providing the necessary support in cooperation with the clubs to train athletes. Turkey's, with 12 billion euros of investment will be carried out spread over 48 years, could become a winter sports center and geographical reasons in the world that can organize the Winter Olympics very few benefits stating that participated in the cross-country, 2026 noted that the Winter Olympics targeted regulations in Turkey.


Turkey's to be a candidate for a winter sports center and the Winter Olympics in 2026 while athletes raising a hand Referring to the importance of making the necessary investments TKF President Erol Benefits, the state of these investments, local authorities and said the private sector should be done in cooperation with . Yarar listed the investment areas and amounts as follows: “5.000 Billion Euros for 18,5 hotel investments, 100 Billion Euros for infrastructure investments in 15 regions, 100 Billion Euros for 1.000 lift investments in 5,6 regions, 5 Billion Euros for mountain processing machines. We made a projection of 4,1 Billion Euros for promotion, education and schools and 250 Million Euros for the region ski hospitals. The total investment is 12 Billion Euros in 48.450 years. We are talking about a 12-year projection equal to the investment of only two airports like this third airport to be built in Istanbul. ”


Benefits, Turkey Ski Federation that they take over the management since the organization worldwide said they conducted studies in order to bring to Turkey, the FIS Snowboard World Cup, said that this year for the first time both men would be held in Istanbul in December 19-20 with the participation of female athletes. TKF President Erol stated that they aim to create a public opinion in Turkey ski Benefits, "will achieve this goal in a European Cup Snowboard parallel leg of the competition on 7-8 February 2015 in Kayseri history. Also on December 13, Erzurum in Turkey Alpine Skiing 1. League 'competition will be held and Turkey will be broadcast live on television for the first time, "he said.

Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits also voiced Turkey could be among the few countries that can organize the Winter Olympics.


Erol Yarar stated that he opposed the privatization of the ski club in Erzurum as the president of the federation. I have conveyed to the Minister of Sports and the authorities of privatization. Because I think if we want to buy European Games today, we are going to Baku this weekend. The 4th largest organization in the world. European Games in Skiing. So the European Youth Olympiad will take this to Erzurum. I hope we will announce you this Saturday with good news. We will say that we bought European Games in Erzurum. If we have such a privatization, it will not be possible to make European Games in Erzurum. Because then a chaos in the mountain. The sole purpose of the privatized company will be to get the money back on the lifts there. In its current form, the facilities do not refuse their money. We have to have a hotel there, we have to make 50 thousand people to ski, so that those lifts benefit. There aren't that many hotels there. There are 850-900 rooms. The ski hotel in Erzurum does not come back with the number of such a room. I objected to privatization with this structure. Both in terms of Turkey's Olympic goals, objectives customize sporting terms and in terms of the economic reality is not reasonable. He does not bring anything to our state, it will lose a lot to our nation. ”


2 years ago Erzurum Konaklı National skier Aslı fall and died while training at the Ski Nemutlu also touched upon Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits of the court process "Yesterday evening we were together with his mother and father. We all have children. It is a very sad incident. As a federation president, it is not for me to comment on this. Because it is at the court stage. The issue was submitted to the court. But let me say that there are people who knows next week. We also closely follow this court in Erzurum. We hope that justice will find its place in the most beautiful way. But nothing will bring our daughter back. It will not relieve the pain of the family. I say, May Allah give them patience. ”He finished his words.

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