Trabzon Railway and Logistics Order

Trabzon Railway and Logistics Process: Trabzon city problem-solving will be a problem. We don't know how to solve problems with collective reason. Or we can't solve problems with common mind. On the contrary, we make the problems more complicated and send them to the memory of the city. Here are a few examples:

1- Railway incident: The state has a prediction for the railway. As soon as the will to win will begin, we have a discussion. We produce an alternative to Erzincan-Gümüşhane-Maçka-Trabzon route and give the appearance of a fight. As such, there is no union of power. The finalization of the project is not happening. See Erzincan-Trabzon Railway Project could not enter 2015 program. Maybe it won't be on 2016.

2- Logistic center event: Trabzon fully spoke 2 year Logistics Center. The dispute between Trabzon Port and Sürmene Port took Logistics. Due to the fight in Trabzon, the decision was left to the Prime Minister, and he pointed to the Iyidere-Of valley. Maybe we'il never have logistics. We were the victims of a weird debate.

3- City Hospital incident: There are three alternatives for City Hospital.

a) Fatih State Hospital, to be built into the area of ​​schools to grow.

b) Establishment in Gölçayır region

c) Establishment in the field of Cement Factory and Industry Bazaar c

According to information we have received Trabzon City Hospital project sheltered by the Ministry of Health. She won't land until I find a place. Maybe we'il never get it.

4- Maraş Street traffic incident: Should Maraş Street be closed to traffic or should it continue? You're watching the debate. Here, the mutual political parties and NGOs agree to close, but still can not get results.

The result can only be achieved if a willpower puts the practice into practice. Kanuni Boulevard, Hagia Sophia Urban Transformation, Karşıyaka-Ugurlu Road, almost all of the results were discussed without being put into the 61 project. Otherwise, it would still be debatable if it was opened to debate. Some would say, 'Southern Ring Road First', some would give different reasons.

The closure of Long Street to the traffic has also come to life despite opposition. Even today, we would still be arguing.

As a result, we like to discuss. I think it's because of our structure. We have a structure that does not succumb to ease, does not like easy, and wants to be cared for. As such, we care more about the process than the result. Unfortunately, we're losing, and we don't realize we're losing.

The last word, we can not solve the problem by discussing. If there is no will outside the debate, this city will not get any distance. We have no right to be angry with anyone. We must first question ourselves. We must present our opinion from the very beginning that we respect the decision to be made.

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