World's longest train journey from China to Spain begins

The longest train journey from China to Spain has begun: The locomotive, which carries 82 freight wagons from China's Yiwu city to Spain, will also sign a record when it finishes 11 thousand 483 kilometers of roads after 21 days.

Departing from Yiwu, one of China's major trade ports, the train will reach Madrid, the capital of Spain, after the 21-day journey. The route of the train, which is expected to take the longest train journey in the world, will be 11 thousand 483 kilometers long. This is even longer than the route of 9 thousand 288 km Trans-Siberia in Russia, known as the "longest railway in the world". The freight train, which will reach Madrid in December, carries 82 wagons.

Yiwu is known as China's largest wholesale hub, the heart of global trade. Carrying most of its exports to the world by sea, China wants to share some of this burden by rail. It is stated that the Beijing administration, which tries to revive the Silk Road, which has an important place in history, has allocated a budget of 40 billion dollars to the project that connects China to Europe. Another project for this purpose that China's plan goes through Turkey. Described in the past month and completion is expected in 2020 starting from Xinjiang railway line project in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, it will reach Europe via Iran and Turkey.

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