Kemalpaşa Logistics Center's Infrastructure Completed

Kemalpaşa Logistics Center's Infrastructure Completed: AK Party Izmir Deputy İlknur Denizli Kemalpaşa Logistics Center, together with Kemalpaşa Organized Industry Board and Transportation Regional Manager Ömer Tekin, made examinations.

In the statement he made after the examination, he said that one of the 2011 projects announced to Izmir residents in the 35 elections had completed the part of the infrastructure and superstructure works to be carried out by the Ministry of Transport and became ready for tender with build-operate-transfer.

Kemalpaşa Logistics Center, which will turn Izmir, the gateway to the Aegean region to the outside, into Europe's important logistics base, will provide job opportunities for thousands of people, and will serve in an area of ​​3 million square meters. Road-rail link with investors now expecting region is Turkey's largest logistics center.

Stating that another feature of İlknur Denizli Kemalpaşa Logistics Center is the importance it attaches to railway transportation, “You need to ensure price and quality competition together in the international arena. Transportation cost is very important in exports. Izmir is a port city, you need to make the most of the railroad in order to improve freight rates. Kemalpaşa Logistics Center will be the transfer center of the freight of the organized industrial zones in Kemalpaşa, Turgutlu, Manisa, Torbalı, Aydın and Denizli with its railway connection. Thus, it will also enable the industrialist and exporter to move their production from the factory to İzmir Alsancak, Aliağa and North Aegean Ports as soon as possible and cost-effectively ”.

Stating that the production in the periphery of Izmir's historical heritage in the commercial sense, sometimes by processing and sometimes delivering to the market as raw material, Denizli said, “Cities have accumulations and experiences from their past. In this sense, İzmir's feature of being a port city comes from its past. As the AK Party, our aim is to carry this accumulation forward and to kazanIntroducing the city as an added value to Izmir's economy. At the time of the election, we came before the people of Izmir with our 35 projects that will carry Izmir to the place it deserves, enlarge the city, and provide employment and food to Izmir. We are putting 35 projects into service one by one. Kemalpaşa Logistics Center is one of them.”

Stating that in addition to the transportation facilities of the logistics center, all official institutions related to transportation will be found and integrated services will be provided, Denizli said, “Kemalpaşa Logistics Center will provide very important benefits for our country and Izmir. As the AK Party, our goal for 2023 is to reach $ 500 billion in exports. As İzmir, our goal should be to make 100 billion dollars of this export from İzmir ports along with the Aegean Region. Kemalpaşa logistics center is a very important step to achieve this goal. Therefore, the most important thing in Kemalpaşa Logistics Center is to connect the production areas of the Aegean Region with the organized industrial zones, especially the railway, ”he said.

İlknur Denizli stated that we should not expect everything to be done from the state for the growth and development of cities, and that local dynamics and local governments should fulfill their responsibilities in this regard and used the following statements: “We all know that industrial production and, accordingly, exports in İzmir do not increase at the desired level. Various circles ignore this negative and bad trend, cover it up and pretend it doesn't exist. However, when we look at the country in general in industrial growth, İzmir is in danger of falling into the second league. Export is only the money of those working in production. kazanit is not cost. A constant relationship with the outside world allows you to understand what is going on in the world. What we live in today is an Izmir that shuts itself down, gets offended with those around it, and thus destroys its energy, which dries it up. We need to put a stop to this all together. We have to ask the question: is the local government doing its job? Let's face it, the cadres and the party that own the local power in Izmir, unfortunately, have not been able to unite Izmir around a goal. Since he could not put a vision, he could not combine it. The problem of İzmir is that the CHP staff cannot understand İzmir and it is insufficient for İzmir. We are doing our part one by one. Kemalpaşa Logistics Center will carry forward the centuries-old commercial heritage of this city and its port city identity. Here, it is the responsibility of the investors from Izmir to the logistics companies, to be enthusiastic about investment for the future of Izmir and, if necessary, to become the owner of this logistics center by collaborating with other companies in the sector. In this sense, every step to be taken should be supported.”

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