Governor Şahin: Samsun should be able to reach the fast train

Samsun must definitely get the high speed train: Samsun Governor İbrahim Şahin made special statements to Samsun Kent Haber. Governor Şahin met Haydar Öztürk, Samsun City News Editor-in-Chief and also the Samsun Provincial Representative of the Internet Media Information Federation (IMEF), and gave information about the projects that are important for the development of Samsun.

Stating that the geographical advantage of Samsun should be evaluated very well, Governor Şahin noted that there are important investments in Samsun in the transportation, tourism, health and service sectors. Governor Şahin, Samsun Kent Haber, 'How does Samsun develop? What are the important projects that will contribute to the development of Samsun? Which sectors contribute to Samsun? Should it be made to the people for investment to come? What are the problems for development? ' answered questions such as.

Noting that Samsun will have an important investment in the transportation sector with the completion of the highway project between Samsun and Ankara, Governor Şahin said, “When our highway project is finished, you will reach Ankara without taking your feet off the gas. However, the high-speed train project is also very important. Samsun should definitely get the high speed train. When the high-speed train arrives, Ankara will be reached within the waiting period at the airport. We will keep this project on the agenda for Samsun to have a high speed train. You will arrive in Ankara in 1 or 2 hours by high speed train. "This is a very important project in terms of transportation investments."

Answering the questions of Samsun Kent Haber in Yalı Café affiliated to Atakum Municipality, Governor Şahin emphasized that a period of 2 months has passed since the title of his duty in Samsun and that he had observed problems related to the development of the city during this time.


Samsun Governor İbrahim Şahin said, “With the introduction of Samsun, I believe that the place where it is now does not go by horse. Samsun needs to be introduced very well. Samsun needs a very good PR. There is no obstacle for this not to be done. Samsun is one of the rare cities with land, sea, rail and air transportation. It has to be used very well. For example, I liked the coastline very much here. The municipality is trying to make new areas available to the public. There is an Amazon city. This is also an interesting story. I don't know how much reality it has, but people outside of Samsun do not know about such a phenomenon. This should be explained very well. You go to Western countries and they connect you with incredible stories, starting from some real points. We have to do this in Samsun. The tourism potential must be increased in this region. We need to create a mechanism that will keep the tourists busy here. We assigned our Deputy Governor for this. We are working on various tours. We need to create a chain of arguments that will attract the traveling tourist here. "


“Samsun is ready regarding health tourism. It is as if he opened his door and says come my brother. We have a university hospital in Samsun OMÜ where high-level surgeries are performed. We have 9 private hospitals. Serious patients come to such a city from neighboring countries. Plastic surgery can stand out seriously here. It is absolutely necessary to support this tourism. Currently, Russia has surpassed Germany in terms of tourist numbers. This is flying over us. However, we can keep some of them here. Samsun should be promoted specially at the fairs. We have to patiently encourage this. The tourist who will come here will not go hungry, will go to the restaurant, go to the hotel, and buy souvenirs. This will automatically mobilize other sectors. Imagine a thousand tourists wandering around Samsun a day. These are not very difficult numbers. If half of them spend money, money will be in the pockets of Samsun tradesmen. A brand should be created in Samsun for medical devices. We designated the second stage of Bafra OIZ as the medical surgical instruments industrial zone. We will support this. "


“Another issue related to Samsun. We need to evaluate Samsun's geographical structure very well. The high-speed train must arrive in Samsun. If there is a High Speed ​​Train, a tourist from Russia will come to Samsun and stay. Transportation legs will not only enable us to get from one place to another. It will also allow more people to come here. You will come to Samsun from Ankara in a maximum of 2 hours. You will arrive in 400 hour on a 1-kilometer train. We need to bring the High Speed ​​Train to Samsun quickly. "


“Owners of tourism agencies from the Gulf region came to Samsun. They want to invest in Samsun. It is absolutely necessary to keep it alive. Housing sector After Antalya, real estate transactions were made in excess in a district of Samsun. The economy would be better where such real estate transactions are carried out. If a thousand tourists come to Samsun and buy houses here, it will contribute to the economy of the city. If we make Samsun's publicity PR better, it will be a shining place. With the introduction of Samsun, I believe that the current situation does not go away "


“Samsun is not included in the catalog of the tourism agencies of the tourists who come to Samsun regarding the absence of cruise ships. Samsun needs to be well promoted for this. People who operate cruise tourism should be brought here and promoted here. Coming to Sinop, Trabzon. Cruise tourism has a rich tourist potential. We must bring this to Samsun. We couldn't explain Samsun, that's why they don't come. The number of people who visit the Eiffel Tower alone is 70 million per year. doubling the number of tourists coming to Turkey is visiting the Eiffel Tower. Think about the money spent there "


Günceleme: 30/11/2018 18:20

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