Bridge-Highway privatization 2015 in the first quarter


Bridge-Motorway privatization In the first quarter of 2015: When the necessary legal arrangements for the privatization of bridges and highways, which are the highest privatization after Turk Telekom, will be completed, the consultant will be selected within the scope of the privatization works. The consultant will decide on the model of customization. The privatization process will begin in the first months of 2015.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's ip Price must be at least 7 billion dollars olm and the process has been resumed. The Privatization Administration (PA) will select a consultant to decide on the model of privatization. Privatization Administration, the first tender after the cancellation of public offerings come to the fore, but also the re-operation of the transfer of rights or bridges and highways are grouped according to the income of the privatization of the options passed. The PA's bureaucrats, who are trying to determine the value of the public offering, are trying to satisfy the Tayyip Erdoğan, while the number to be determined, will not fail the privatization process, so he wants to catch a figure that will satisfy the market. It is planned to transfer the related motorways and facilities of the General Directorate of Highways to a company for the sale of bridges and highways by public offering in a bag law adopted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Accordingly, in the context of the Privatization Law, if the decision on the application of the stock sale method is decided; and the operating rights of the maintenance and operation facilities and assets on the motorways, without any cost, will be given to the joint-stock company to be established by PA for 25 years.

The tender was canceled

Turk Telekom, the given consortium 6.55:5,72 billion dollars after the highest bid in the history of Turkey's highest privatization of bridges and highways privatization tender was in the coach and the country group, but Tayyip Erdogan, who at that time Prime Minister, values ​​have brought the criticism that the remains low and the tender was canceled. Gözde Girişim, a joint venture group consisting of Koç Holding-Malaysian UEM Group Berhad-Yıldız Holding companies, made the best bid in the tender with $ 25 billion. Nurol Holding AŞ-MV Holding AŞ-Alsim Alarko Sanayi Tesisleri ve Ticaret AŞ-Kalyon İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret AŞ-Fernas İnşaat AŞ Joint Venture Group, as a single package, with the method of granting the right to operate, and for the privatization tender held for XNUMX years from the actual delivery date, Koç Holding AŞ-UEM Group Berhad - Gözde Girişim Sermayesi Yatırım Ortaklığı AŞ Joint Venture Group and Autostrade Per I'Italia SPA-Doğuş Holding AŞ-Makyol İnşaat Sanayi Turizm ve Ticaret AŞ-Akfen Holding AŞ Joint Venture Group.

Tender, Ot Edirne-Istanbul-Ankara Motorway, Pozantı-Tarsus-Mersin Motorway, Tarsus-Adana-Gaziantep Motorway, Toprakkale-Iskenderun Motorway, Gaziantep-Sanliurfa Motorway, Izmir-Cesme Motorway, Izmi-Aydin Motorway, Izmir and Ankara Motorway, Bosphorus Bridge, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and the Environment Highway, service facilities, maintenance and operation facilities, fee collection centers and other related facilities.

Target 7 billion dollar revenue

In addition to the privatization cost to be achieved by the privatization of motorways and bridges, benefits such as technology transfer, increase in efficiency, decrease in accident rates, time and fuel savings and environmental pollution are expected. While the annual revenue of motorways and bridges is 600 million pounds, it is estimated that 7 billion dollars in total can be obtained from privatization tenders.

2013 million TL in 724

Turkey in 2013 from 352 million 749 thousand vehicles crossed bridges and highways, total 724 913 million of these vehicles 161 thousand pounds of income was obtained. 13 777 thousand vehicles from the Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridges with the number of vehicles in August, the most revenue from the vehicles 20 million 76 thousand pounds were obtained. While the minimum crossing of bridges 10 million 994 thousand vehicles with the number of vehicles in October, while these vehicles 13 million 875 thousand pounds left income. Most of the cars, 22 423 50 thousand vehicles in August with the number of vehicles in transition, while the 472 million 608 thousand 15 pounds were provided. The minimum vehicle crossing was in February with the number of 711 million 39 vehicles, while the 860 million 352 thousand pounds were generated from these vehicles. Thus, Turkey has made 749 724 million thousand vehicles crossing the bridges and highways across the 913 and XNUMX thousand million pounds of income was obtained from these tools.

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