The foundation of Demirtaş Köprülü Crossroad was laid.

The foundation of Demirtaş Köprülü Intersection was laid: The foundation of Demirtaş Köprülü Junction, which was designed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with the goal of 'Accessible Bursa', was laid with a ceremony. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe announced that the intersection, which will be a solution to Bursa traffic, will reach the spring of 2015.
While carrying Bursa to the future with its vision projects, the Metropolitan Municipality continued its work towards the goal of kt a more accessible city ş and added a new step to the solution of the problem of traffic which is waiting for a solution for many years. The foundation of the Demirtaş Köprülü Junction to be built by the Metropolitan Municipality was laid with a ceremony. Mayor Recep Altepe, as well as the AK Party deputies Mustafa Kemal Şerbetçioğlu, Hakan Cavusoglu and Bedrettin Yildirim, AK Party deputy Asım Amil, BTSO Assembly President Remzi Topuk and Bursa City Council President Semih Pala, district mayors and Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats also participated.
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Bursa to be a more accessible city railways from the alternative to the newly opened alternative roads to realize transportation activities, he said. Altepe told us that they made intersections on all the roads of the city, lar We relaxed the İzmir Yolu with intersections and now it is on Yalova Road. We are starting the bridge-crossing study in Demirtaş, which is an expectation of many years. Most of the work is planned to last 6 months. However, we want to open this intersection in a period of months like 4,5 and we want to breathe the transportation in spring Ancak.
President Altepe gave information about Demirtaş Köprülü Intersection in his speech and said, “The intersection built at the intersection of the Near East Ring Road and İnönü Caddesi was located on a total area of ​​96 thousand square meters. With the intersections that will allow uninterrupted transportation in the direction of Bursa - Ankara, the transportation between Gülbahçe and Demirtaş neighborhoods will also be provided over the uninterrupted bridge with 44 beams, double span and 30 meters width. "The intersection is built as a four-branch junction, that is, clover."
In the context of the construction of the bridge interchange, Altepe also stated that earthworks, art structures, bridge works, superstructure works, infrastructure works, landscaping works, traffic routing and asphalt works will be done.
Or With the expropriations, Demirtaş Köprülü Junction cost about 30 million TL. The intersection will be opened by Alsa Construction in the spring of 2015. With Demirtaş Köprülü Intersection, traffic will be relieved, Bursa will breathe taş.
Expressing that he enjoyed transportation in every area of ​​Bursa, Mayor Altepe said, anda We aim at the development of our city from east, west, south and north. Vessels are blocked in transportation. Our comfortable and modern transportation systems make our citizens comfortable and we produce our trams by ourselves. We offer different alternatives to air transportation. Alaaddinbey Özlüce Junction, which we have brought to Bursa in the last period within the scope of intersection construction, has made it easier for the heavy tonnage vehicles to reach industrial areas. Kestel Köprülü Junction added a new ring to Bursa's strong transportation chain. Esenevler Köprülü Junction and uninterrupted transportation period started on Ankara Road. . Other intersection projects include Bademli crossroads, BUTTIM bridge junction, New Yalova Road Pınar Street Interchange, Gemlik crossroad junction, kav said Emek Junction.
President Altepe, emphasizing that they show their love of Bursa with services, ler We are bringing Bursa works. We take care to do the best of every job in Bursa. Bursa will be the world city, brand city. Our work continues in this direction, Çalış he said.
Yunus Sahin, the deputy mayor of Osmangazi Municipality, thanked Osmangazi and Mayor Altepe who provided important services to Bursa. AK Party Bursa deputy Bedrettin Yildirim, adding value to Bursa, which continues to work in a bar rising every day, congratulated President Altepe'yi. After the speeches, President Altepe, deputies, district mayors and metropolitan municipality bureaucrats with Demirtaş Köprülü Junction construction by pouring the first mortar laid the foundation of the intersection.



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