The foundation of Inegol OSB bridge crossing takes place on Monday

The foundation of the İnegöl OSB crossroad junction is being laid on Monday: It has been reported that the foundation of the bridge crossing to İnegöl OIZ, an important crossing point on the Bursa Ankara Highway, will be laid with a ceremony on Monday. When the bridge interchange, which was tendered for 14 million liras by the 13th Regional Directorate of Highways, is completed, it is aimed to end the frequent accidents in the region.
TBMM Plan and Budget Commission Member and AK Party Bursa Deputy Hüseyin Şahin said that thousands of vehicles pass through İnegöl OIZ Junction every day. Deputy Şahin emphasized that the waiting time at the intersection, which is extremely busy in the morning and evening hours, reached 15 minutes during rush hours, and stated that the risk of accidents increased greatly during the winter months due to the heavy fog in the region and that many accidents occur every day.
Deputy Hüseyin Şahin stated that their attempts to eliminate this danger have yielded positive results and said, “The General Directorate of Highways approved the construction of a crossroad and the tender was held in the past months. "Our initiatives will continue for the fast completion of the intersection that we will lay the foundation for on Monday."
Deputy Hüseyin Şahin also said that the intersection tendered by the 14th Regional Directorate of Highways will be Yonca Type. Vekil Şahin emphasized that most of the fatal accidents at the point, which is a very important crossing point of the intersection, will greatly reduce the accidents and said, "When the intersection is completed, the road will become safer."
Emphasizing that the foundation of the intersection will be laid on Monday, December 1, 2014 at 12.00, Bursa Governor Münir Karaloğlu, AK Party Bursa Deputies and Highways authorities will take part in a ceremony and Deputy Hüseyin Şahin said, “The roads are given great importance in the AK Party rule. We are representatives of an understanding that defends the way to civilization. Our goal is to increase the level of safety on the roads. I wish İnegöl OIZ Junction to be beneficial to all Bursa, especially İnegöllüler ”.

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