Meeting between TCDD and Uzbekistan Railways

Meeting between TCDD and Uzbekistan Railways: The meeting with TCDD and Uzbekistan Railways, DATK-UTY-was held in Ankara where bilateral relations, recent developments and transit transportation were discussed.

A delegation of Uzbekistan Railways and TCDD officials attended the meeting.

Mr. Adem KAYIŞ, Deputy General Manager, expressed his pleasure to host the delegation of Uzbekistan Railways in our country and TCDD and on the occasion of this meeting, he wanted the two organizations to get to know each other better and to determine the steps to be taken for potential cooperations.

Sherzod ISMATULLAEV, Deputy Head of the Railways of Uzbekistan, said that relations between the two institutions should be brought closer to the TCDD and Uzbekistan Railways in order to implement the an Wagon Usage Agreement UM signed in 2011.

In addition, the current load of potential between Turkey and Uzbekistan has been expressed so far effectively's potential can not be used at the meeting raised the possibility of increasing the rate found 100%. It was decided to make the necessary cooperation and studies in order to shift the freight transportation between the two countries to the railway.



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