Historical Bridge Taken New

The Historical Bridge Has Been Put In Its New Place: The 1899-meter-long, 60-ton historical iron bridge built by the Russians on the Kars Stream in 105 in Kars' Susuz district was transported in one piece by truck without being submerged by the Kars Dam, which is under construction. (KAU) It was placed on the Kars Stream flowing around the Paşaçayır campus.
Çamçavuş Bridge was brought to the city center in one piece at noon yesterday and the historical bridge was taken in front of the Kars Garrison Martyrdom because it got dark and the transportation process of the historical bridge started again at 06.30:XNUMX this morning. The bridge, which was passed through the previously planned points without any problems, could cross the university campus area in about an hour.
The arrival of the historical bridge brought to the Caucasian University (KAU) campus at noon was celebrated with the applause and joy of the officials and the sirens of the vehicles. After the team had rested for the break, the process of placing it on Kars stream started. With about half an hour of work, the bridge was put in place. The 18th Regional Directorate of Highways and the officials of the company that took the transportation business continued under extensive security measures, and the teams celebrated, congratulated and hugged each other as the bridge was set in place. The team of 21 people, who completed the 36-kilometer road with almost zero error in 70 hours, successfully and smoothly placed the bridge on the Kars Stream, celebrated their happiness by taking a souvenir photo in front of the bridge.
Company representative Bülent Yanmaz stated that they have done a successful work, and that they labored for a total of 3 days with the dismantling process, and now they have been rewarded for this effort. Yanmaz said, “70 personnel worked. We were able to deliver it in 3 days. We lowered it with silk ropes. It was put in place with precision, ”he said.
Azer Doğuş Sömen, the chief engineer of art structures at the 18th Regional Directorate of Highways, stated that they took the historical bridge under protection so that it would not be under the dam and that they carried out the work for it meticulously. Noting that they cut the electricity and phone lines on the route and displaced 26 lines, Sömen said, “The entrance order of the university was the places where we had difficulties, but we did not have any problems. We have reached the last point. Landscaping work will continue, ”he said.


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