Bridge construction started in Yağlıder

The construction of the bridge began in Yağlıder: Yağlıdere district center secondary school and vocational school construction of the bridge began to be reported to the region.
Yağlıdere Mayor Abdurrahman Kırhasanoğlu, AA correspondent, said that before the election to the people of the district promised to make three bridges.
Stating that the first bridge was built in the region where the construction of the central secondary school and vocational school is located on the opposite side of the Yağdere - Espiye highway with the cooperation of State Hydraulic Works, Kırhasanoğlu said, “The purpose of this bridge to be built here is to unite the neighborhood located next to the oil office and make it intertwined. In addition, our Ahalli Neighborhood is to shorten the road of our citizens in the sub-district and to get to Espiye Yağdere land route. The bridge, the construction of which has started, will be completed in a short time and will be offered to our people. ”



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