Hangar Danger in Söke Train Station

The Hangar in Söke Train Station Emits Danger: The restoration work and landscaping planned for the train station in Aydın's Söke district, due to the danger, remained in 2015. The works expected to be tendered by TCDD 3. Regional Directorate at a price of 2013 million TL in 10 were not carried out this year either. There is no precaution for the hangar, which makes Garda collapse a little more day by day.

Stating that the surrounding area and hangar of the Gar district governor Mehmet Demirezer, the tender said they hope to be launched in 2015. Minister of the European Union Volkan Bozkır, Aydin Governor Emir Durmaz and deputies in the railway station asking for support Kaymakam Demirezer, ır All restoration projects are ready. Only TCDD will take the tender. This area is all under protection. These buildings are the presence of culture. Old buildings need to be restated immediately. In the 2015, it is said that a tender will be made, and the price is 10 million TL. X

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