Siteler - Karapürçek ropeway project canceled by jurisdiction

Siteler - Karapürçek ropeway project was canceled by court decision: The Administrative Court canceled Melih Gökçek's Siteler-Karapürçek cable car line. The court related to the cable car, which was previously decided to be stopped, decided to cancel the cable car because it was not included in the Ankara Transportation Master Plan and there were uncertainties in the plan.

The cable car project intended to be built on the Sites -Karapürçek line was canceled by court decision. The court, which previously decided to stay the execution, cited the fact that the cable car line was not shown physically-schematically in the 1 Capital Ankara Master Plan with a scale of 25.000 / 2023 and not included as a transportation system. Among the reasons for the court's annulment decision, the statement in the zoning plan note as 'The ropeway line and stations are schematic, and the location of the lines and stations may change during the implementation phase' included uncertainties that allowed the locations of lines and stations to be changed in practice.

Due to the fact that the cable car's implementation contradicts the definition of the zoning plan, a decision was made for a stay of execution in the lawsuit filed by the Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch. With the same justification, the court gave a cancellation decision after the stay of execution. In the annulment decision of the 11th Administrative Court, it also pointed out that the Siteler Karapürçek ropeway line was not shown in the Ankara Transportation Master Plan.

Evaluating the decision, Tezcan Karakuş Candan, Head of the Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Architects, said, “Get past Melih Gökçek”. Candan said, “While the transportation master plan in Ankara is not in the middle, we are sending our wishes to Melih Gökçek, who is trying to realize his own imaginary projects such as the ropeway. The cable car project, which is expensive for the transportation project and insufficient for public transportation, was canceled by the court with the lawsuit we opened. " He spoke in the form.



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