Signalization system not repaired, accidents increased

The signaling system was not repaired, accidents increased: 6-7 In October events, the traffic of the city at the intersections in Turgut Özal Boulevard was destroyed by the demonstrators and the traffic of the city became a rift.
In the last week of last month, the signaling system, which has been auctioned out, has not yet been activated, causing invisible accidents in the city center. Dörtyol junction, especially at many intersections every day drivers invisible accidents remain nose. Some drivers who wanted to repair the signaling system on the route in the heart of the city as soon as possible, said: şöyle Traffic officers do not work at intersections at the end of working hours, paralyzing the route. We want the signaling system to be activated as soon as possible. There is almost no accident day on this route. We want traffic cops to work at intersections until the system is in place. Sistem

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