Highway police to drive 'Corolla'

Highway police will use 'Corolla': 260 Toyota Corolla, specially produced for the Police Headquarters, has been delivered for use by the traffic teams working in the highway and in the city.
It was noteworthy that the vehicles that will be distributed to the provinces by the General Directorate were designed for highway traffic teams in green. Corollas, manufactured in Toyota's factory in Adapazarı and delivered to the General Directorate of Security, will serve in highway safety and traffic applications as well as urban traffic control. On the Corollas, which are specially designed for highway traffic police, there is a sliding writing board. Thanks to these signposts that warn drivers, as in Europe, traffic cops will be in touch with drivers in fast-flowing highway traffic. Thus, the warning messages of the highway traffic police can be transmitted directly to the drivers.
Yesterday delivered vehicles will be delivered to the regions determined by the General Directorate of Security.

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