Seedlings to be Planted on the Edge of the Highway

Seedlings to be planted on the motorway: Mersin-Adana motorway, which will be established by Mersin Regional Directorate of Forestry, started with the excavation of the first seedling pit of roadside afforestation.
The Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry 18 December 2007 dated Highway Regarding the Afforestation Project, Tarsus-Yenice junction to Mersin-Çeşmeli junction along the highway slopes of plantation and planting work was planned. Afforestation works will be carried out on the 59 hectare area on the slopes along the 108.9 kilometer highway between Yenice and Çeşmeli.
Mersin Regional Director of Forestry Abit Baca and the work carried out by the delegation was examined on-site. Land preparation will be made in the areas of the expropriated and already surrounded by wire in the areas specified in the roadside project of the Regional Directorate of Highways. In the upper part of the slope plant, taller trees, in the middle part of the lower part of the species that can be spread at the bottom of the spreading juniper, firefly, mules, rosemary species such as saplings will be used. Recreation greening with afforestation to be done, as well as the stabilization of road slopes is aimed. With the species to be planted, the road transportation will be prevented and the road road safety will be ensured.
Speaking in the review, Director Baca said, “In the project area, the facility and three-year maintenance works will be carried out by Mersin and Tarsus Forestry Operation Directorate, and road safety will be provided by the Regional Directorate of Highways as per the protocol. After the maintenance works, the site will be delivered to the Regional Directorate of Highways ”.


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