Mücella Constructor: Haydarpaşa Train in Fire

Fire Continues at Haydarpaşa Station
Fire Continues at Haydarpaşa Station

Mücella Yapıcı: Haydarpaşa Station Fire Continues. 4th anniversary of the burning of Haydarpaşa Station, Haydarpaşa Solidarity held a press conference.

Haydarpaşa Solidarity held a press conference in the 4th year of the burning of Haydarpaşa Station. Recalling that the fire investigation file was closed at the meeting, it was stated that the building, which has the status of first degree historical monument, was subjected to continuous privatization moves and was isolated.

Haydarpaşa Solidarity shared the events experienced in the 4th year of the burning of Haydarpaşa Station and the developments regarding the future of the station with the public at the meeting held at the Chamber of Architects Metropolitan Branch in Karaköy. The meeting was attended by C. Sami Yılmaztürk, Chairman of the Board of Architects of Istanbul Chamber of Architects, Mithat Ercan, Head of Branch Number 1 of United Transportation Employees Union, Tugay Kartal from Haydarpaşa Solidarity and Mujella Yapıcı, Secretary of EIA Advisory Board of Chamber of Architects of Istanbul. Recalling that the investigation file about the fire that occurred 4 years ago in Haydarpaşa Station was closed, it was stated that the first degree historical monument was attempted to be carried out with the original projects.


Speaking on behalf of Haydarpaşa Solidarity, Chamber of Architects EIA Advisory Board Secretary Mücella Yapıcı stated that the “Haydarpaşa is on display” since 2005 regarding Haydarpaşa Station, which the Minister of Finance Mehmet Şimşek said will be included in the privatization. Stressing that Haydarpaşa Station is intended to be used outside of its function, Yapıcı reacted to restaurant and cafe projects to be built on the roof of the station. Underlining that Haydarpaşa can not be loaded with functions that are not suitable for its original, Yapıcı said, 'Haydarpaşa, which is a first degree historical monument, has a very important cultural heritage in terms of its statics. Look, it looks heavy, a delicate builder built on wooden piles, he said.


Stating that projects have been continuously proposed since 2003 for the privatization and restoration of Haydarpaşa Station, Yapıcı said, 'Do not worry about it, we have not given any passage to these projects for 10 years. Reminding that Haydarpaşa Solidarity and non-governmental organizations were keeping watch over the 148-week Sunday bouts and Thursday nights that lasted for 128 weeks, 'We will take the train from Haydarpaşa, we will go to Ankara,' he said. Yapıcı said that Haydarpaşa was abandoned after the fire that started on the roof of Haydarpaşa on November 28, 2010, 'Scientific, technically and legally never applied in Haydarpaşa Station, which is the first step of your project that will transfer Haydarpaşa to the capital. Give up your use of what is required, jeopardizing the integrity of the rooftop that does not fit the original. "Repair the station in accordance with professional and universal principles as soon as possible," he said.


Haydarpasa Solidarity activist Tugay Kartal, who has been serving the railways for 37 years, says that he can play 'Ruling alicengiz' game for Haydarpasa Station, which has not been approaching the train for 2 years, and can do railway transportation without Haydarpasa Terminal. We think this is not possible, 'he said. Noting that the administration of the railways did not object to the sale of Haydarpaşa Station, Kartal said, "No money was raised from Sirkeci Station. The railroad administration does not object, as money will flow from Haydarpaşa Terminal to the railways. He wants such a transformation, 'he said. Emphasizing that repair can be made to Haydarpaşa Station without installing a commercial function, Kartal said, 'When you look at the historical buildings that have a fire in our country, all of them are the buildings that want to be built. Haydarpaşa Train Station was also given an accommodation function, 'he said.


Haydarpaşa Solidarity called for a meeting in front of Haydarpaşa Station on November 28, the anniversary of the fire.

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