Terrible accident on the road to Metrobus (Video)

Terrible accident on the road to Metrobus: Zeytinburnu D-100 Highway two vehicles moving in the same direction and entered the path of the BRT. Accident, 2 people injured in the road to the vehicles that hit the BRT bus was removed from the scene.

According to information obtained, the accident time 05.45 Zeytinburnu D-100 Highway Ambarlar occurred in the location. Driving in the direction of the direction of Topkapı car's driver Mahmut Ozer, allegedly lost control of steering in the same direction as the head of the vehicle under the direction of Fatih Ozturk. With the impact of the impact, both vehicles out of control by crossing the barrier and entered the path of metrobus. Fatih Öztürk'un vehicle metrobüs somehow somersault turned over. In the accident, Hayriye Ozturk and Kemal Tellioglu were injured in the car with the 34 BH 7745 plate.

2 people in the other vehicle survived unintentionally. After the accident, an ambulance was dispatched to the scene. Meanwhile, the old woman, Hayriye Öztürk, who was taken out by her son from inside the vehicle, turned upside down and asked the people around her, "Where were we going?" The injured were taken to Bezm-i Alem Vakıf University Medical Faculty Hospital with ambulances called to the scene. The driver of the incident, Fatih Öztürk, said, “I was taking my uncle to Sabiha Gökçen Airport with my mother to go to Trabzon for a funeral. Meanwhile, the vehicle hit us from behind as we proceeded in the left lane. After shooting, we jumped on the metrobus road. I couldn't understand what happened, ”he said.



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