What Will Be the Fate of Malatya Wagon Repair Factory?

What Will Be the Fate of the Malatya Wagon Repair Factory: The fate of the wagon repair factory, which has been idle for about 25 years, has always been discussed, written and drawn, but somehow no solution has been found to contribute to the economy of Malatya regarding the land and buildings worth millions of liras.

For years, 1989 has been decayed in Malatya, which has been completed in 72 of Sumer Holding AS, with 6 housing and 25 block factory area. Moreover, many politicians and non-governmental organizations have been expressing their opinions on the evaluation of the Vagon repair factory.

The fact that the factory cannot overcome the fortune of the kind, which could not be prevented, will be the subject of movies!

Now, let's share with you the developments and plans related to the factory based on years. Moreover, these ideas, suggestions and projects that you will read below are just a few of the prominent ones Üst

17 JULY 2011

Malatya Governor Ulvi Saran started negotiations with the Polish wagon company Tabor in order to heal the wounds of Malatya.Saran made negotiations for the Poles to rent the Malatya Wagon Repair Factory and produce wagons there.


In January 2012; Jia Shirui, General Manager of China State Railway Manufacturers and Exporters Association (CNR), and his entourage came to Malatya to examine the Wagon Repair Factory. Meetings were held between the then Governor Ulvi Saran and the Chinese delegation.
However, these talks with the Chinese and the Poles did not result.

JULY 2012 M

The zoning plan of the Wagon Repair Factory was changed by the Privatization High Council in July 2012 and the area owned by the facility was changed to ı Industry and Storage Area V.


While the factory land and the buildings within it belonged to the Ministry of Transport, they were first transferred to the Ministry of Finance due to their tax debts, and then transferred to Sümer Holding, which was liquidated in order to be included in the fiye privatization Maliye, and the sale of a certain part of the land a short time ago. It was approved by the Presidency.

The deadline for submission of the tender for the Tender for the Wagon Repair Plant in Sümer Holding A.Ş. was announced as 7 February 2013.

Construction works 1989, which was stopped in 6 and has been kept idle with its buildings since then, was put on sale in the case of separate immovable. The total area of ​​the 6 immovable is 574 thousand 680 square meters.

24 MAY 2013 N

Ak Party Malatya Deputy Öznur Çalık's initiative, Wagon Repair Factory workers locker building and dining hall building was decided to be turned into an open penal execution institution. For this purpose, the implementation projects were tendered.
Privatization High Council; 141 island in the area of ​​Wagon Repair Factory, 13 square meter in 78.631,42 parcel 3 million 148 thousand TL Raner Construction Industry and Trade Ltd. Şti.


A discussion on this development has emerged. Regarding the issue of the AK Party former Malatya deputy Ali Osman Bashkir, Wagon Repair Factory is not a prison and business center, he said the necessity. Bashkir, '' As a business center and a place to do prison in Malatya is betrayal. Whoever caused this, or if the cause of the deputies of Malatya is betrayed, '' he said.
CHP Malatya Deputy Veli Ağbaba reacted to the fact that the factory will be converted into a prison.


Despite the payment of 2013 thousand TL in a special company for the job of converting the workers' locker building and dining hall of the factory into open penitentiary institution and preparing a tender file, this project of the Ministry of Justice was canceled.


A response to the sale of the factory area and real estates came from MESOB Chairman Şevket Keskin. This time a different thought was proposed and it was suggested that daha it would be more appropriate to use it for TCDD Bu.
Keskin, in his written statement, said: “The sale of the Wagon Repair Factory by dividing it into 6 separate parts means that the future is not considered for the metropolitan Malatya. The Wagon Repair Factory area is an important center to be used for the metropolitan Malatya. With the metropolitan status, the Wagon Repair Factory should be used as a public service area in order for Malatya to escape from the single centered city center. For this, all depots, operations and repair shops outside the passenger landing and unloading platforms of TCDD 5th Regional Directorate should be moved to the Wagon Repair Factory. With the moving of TCDD 5th Regional Directorate, this area should be used as a green area and social area ”.

YEAR 2014 X


Only the last 4 annually allocated 417 thousand TL budget for the protection of the factory's idle buildings. 2015 October 21 for the protection of the factory buildings against sabotage, theft, fire and looting until the end of 2014.


The project was designed by Yeşilyurt Municipality for the purpose of working for small and medium sized enterprises through the İŞGEM area of ​​the Wagon Repair Factory area.

Malatya Central district Yesilyurt Mayor Haci Ugur Polat, 141 island, 13 square 78.631,42 parcels within the area of ​​the factory to be given to the enterprises, the factory's 720 thousand square meters of green space as a green area to the municipality of Yeşlyurt, the project, Prime Minister Davutoglu visited during the visit to Malatya.

Now, Yeşilyurt Municipality's project can not be implemented or not, the Wagon Repair Factory is expected to beat the fortune of this machine is expected with curiosity. Will the factory be brought to Malatya or will there be many different stories to be talked about for years?

Meanwhile, the process of developing the Wagon Repair Factory is not limited to the assessment of the wagon. had been put forward de

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