Four-day strike by mechanics paralyzed Germany

The four-day strike of the machinists paralyzed Germany: Hüseyin Oluç, who left his house and stepped out of his house to the train station in order not to be late for his appointment in Munich, is only one of the passengers who suffered the strike on the German railways, Deutsche Bahn.

The owner of the two children on the train once there was a hitchhiking in the afternoon of the 07: 15 queue when the 70: XNUMX. Born in the town of Waldkraiburg and Munich between the XNUMX km away from the highway and the one person for the car is costly for the train journey who prefer not to be able to arrive in the middle of yesterday, one and a half hours late.

H My train arrives at 07.35 and returns to Mühldorf instead of Rosenheim. The weather was cold and rainy. X I was going to be in Munich at the 08: 30, but around the clock 10: 00, I came to Munich. Iptal

German railways working in Germany, the GDL'in trade union GDL 4 daily strike call was also affected by the Bavarian.

'RB / RE' trains stopping at the stations in towns and villages in the province has been canceled and half of the voyages of 'İC / İCE' high-speed trains have been interrupted.

There was no high-speed train passing through the Augsburg train station yesterday morning and the commuter trains in Munich were moving around the clock. It is stated that many passengers went to work and school by car and bus due to the strike.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 18:17

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