Macedonia's Highway Passage System to Make Aselsan

ASELSAN will make the motorway access system of Macedonia: ASELSAN signed a contract to realize the Highway Toll Collection System Project in the Republic of Macedonia.
Aselsan signed a contract to implement the Highway Toll Collection System Project in the Republic of Macedonia.
According to the statement made by Aselsan, within the scope of the contract, a fee collection area and system control center will be constructed on the approximately 15,9-kilometer toll road called Corridor-10, which extends from the border between Serbia to the border with Greece, with a contract of 200m euros.
In the project, which was financed by the European Development Bank funds, the tender was held in international tender format. In the first stage of the two-stage tender, the competencies of the companies were evaluated. A total of 5 international companies passed through Europe with Aselsan. In the second stage, where price offers competed, the winner was Aselsan.
The system will have automatic tolls and card tolls. Users who want to subscribe to the system and subscribers will be equipped with kiosks that provide sales service for the checkout areas. Subscribers can also access their accounts via internet payment methods or smartphones.
Aselsan access control and automatic switching systems, in Turkey General Directorate of Highways (KGM) is used by many years. In the system, which is established by Aselsan, the entire operating infrastructure, control and records of transitions and violation reports are determined automatically.
Aselsan wage collection systems; There are electronic connections with units such as KGM, General Directorate of Security, MIT Undersecretariat, banks, PTT.

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