Kolat examines Ankara-Sivas YHT line

Kolat, Ankara-Sivas examined the YHT line: the high-speed train construction site, the Governor of the Kırıkkale Governor Ali Kolat, the project is progressing rapidly in the Kırıkkale phase and the 25 kilometer section is completed, the work continues in the 25 kilometer area.

In addition, Kolat explained that there is no problem with expropriation in the high-speed train project area. Explaining to the members of the press in the region where the high speed train station is located, Governor Kolat stated that they organize a study trip to see the physical areas of the high speed train project. The name of the high speed train is moving fast. The 25-kilometer infrastructure work, which started from the Etiler District, has been completed. Work continues in an area of ​​25 kilometers. ” said.

Explaining that the Yozgat-Yerköy connection will be made soon, Kolat said, “Doğuş Holding took the construction of the viaduct. The road stage was not tender. Expropriation transactions have been completed here largely. There is no problem in our province regarding expropriation. After the Etiler District, the Ankara-Elmadağ connection was reached to the tender stage. ” used the expression.

Şükrü Fırtına, who announced that there are 3 tunnels in the Kırıkkale region, said, inde Two have been completed. One came to the final stage. In addition, the 306-meter viaduct in the Osmangazi District was completed. Ayrıca

Security Director Hasan Onar, Provincial Gendarmerie Regiment Commander Jandarma Albay Harun Karabulut and Secretary General of Special Administration Atanur Aydın attended.




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