They took out winter fuel from railway

They Removed Their Winter Fires From Railway Excavation: 3-4 meters of timber planks in the excavation of the railway line in Çatalağzı Town of Kilimli District of Zonguldak became fuel for those in need.

Some of the needy living in the town, the cemetery with the graveyard dumped in the excavation of the sand in the ground with the winter fuel tried to remove. The group of men and women, young and old 15, produced 3-4 meter planks from excavations excavated with digging and shovels. He kept his hands on some of those in need, some with their hands and planted their way to their homes with planks held.

3 child father 61 650 retired pensioner, Hasan Akbulut, thousand XNUMX pounds, a large portion of the pension goes to the loan cuts, so they do not want to give money that they are trying to remove the winter woods, he said. Akbulut, said:

“They get down to the railroad sign, the excavation from there. These are trees. We take it too. These are winter wood. We are preparing for the winter. We will cut them and burn them. Should I buy it with money? I already have a pension of 300 pounds. If we go to the forest, there is a fine for wood. There's punishment, if we steal. Here we have the opportunity to evaluate. ”



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