New image at intersections

New image at intersections: Highways 9. The company that undertook the interchange arrangement works of the Regional Directorate started work. The intersections are decorated with 'boxwood' and roses Kav
Recently, environmentalists have been criticized for maintenance-free intersections, followed by Highways 9. Regional Directorate took action. Batmanli firm undertook the maintenance and arrangement of intersection and middle refusions. Company officer Abdulhamit Almaz, 'Highways and middle refineries belonging to the highways greening, beautifying the new image' he said. Almaz, who stated that they are organizing intersections and refusils in Diyarbakir, Siirt and Cizre as well as Batman, said: We started our work in Batman and Diyarbakır. Then we will do this work in Siirt and Cizre. We watered the trees under the risk of drying. We will decorate the intersections with boxwood and perennial roses.


Rail Industry Show 2020


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