Highways in class

Highways were in the classroom: While the road works started on Atatürk Boulevard, which was one of the streets of Bolu, was continued with the speed of turtle, the street tradesmen and all the people of Bolu rebelled against the highways due to the ongoing works of turtles.
Approximately 300 meters long Ataturk Boulevard over the full 1 for more than half a year as a business that almost lingering in the eyes of the citizens, remained in the class. Within the scope of the Mudurnu-Bolu road works, tradesmen who rebelled due to the fact that the asphalting, curb and pavement works that started about 1 and a half months ago are still not completed; . If they said it was going to take so long, we closed our workplaces and took off on vacation. We are closing the shops because of the closed road. From time to time we see that the workers are working. There is no clear information about when the road will end. Yol


Rail Industry Show 2020


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