The Fate of Izmit Tramway Project Will Be Cleared In December

The Conclusion of Izmit Tramway Project Will Be Clear in December: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Second session of November City Council Leyla Atakan Cultural Center Dr. It was held at Şefik Postalcıoğlu Hall. The budget of the Metropolitan Municipality, 2015 billion 1 million determined for 723 and the budget of 12 district municipalities were discussed.

The meeting will also be held between the bus station-SEKA Park 181 million liras to be taken for the tram project was discussed. Deputy Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, the AK Party due to go to Sanliurfa due to the meeting of the Provincial Chairman of the Parliament was deputy chairman Zekeriya Özak.

In the parliament where the 2015 fiscal year and performance program of the Metropolitan Municipality were discussed, the CHP lodged opposition to the performance and budget. 2014 1 in the 520 of 203 million in the budget of 1 million pounds of 723 million pounds XNUMX million pounds was planned as. After Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, the city has the biggest budget. The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu started with the reading of the performance program.

On behalf of the CHP opposing the Performance and Budget Group Deputy Chairman Huseyin Yilmaz made a statement. Yilmaz said that the performance program did not go beyond the imagination. Program The Metropolitan Municipality has taken the rail system to the performance program every year but it has not been an improvement for years. A project and itinerary are still unclear for the tram project, which is included in the program this year. It is not clear what will be the trades around the route where the tram is going to be, where to expropriate and how the traffic flow around the route will be. In other words, the name of the tram is not certain, Yani he said. Yilmaz said that the 504 million pounds for the transportation, için When we look at the budget allocated in previous years, the only word to be said for this budget is today's student. The average time between the fire and the accident and the response is 2014 in 5.90, and in 2015 this 8 is taken to the minute. For the rural, this time 17.49 minutes to 23,5 minutes. In the 2015 fire and accidents are not explained in the program. We do not find this performance realistic due to the reasons we put forward. Biz

Tahir Büyükakın, the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, said, ir 2015 has increased its 10 budget by 50. The 30 of this investment budget is allocated for transportation and public transport. The project about the tram is done, then the application project is done. On-site review was conducted. The preparations for the tender began. In the second week of December, the President will make a press statement about the tram route and share it with the public. If there is feedback, arrangements will be made. Geri Büyükakın stated that light rail and tramway works were mixed and d Light metro will be between Bay and Cengiz Topel. The project will be delivered by May. Then the application project will be made. 20 will be a way over kilometers. The XNUMX kilometer will be closed. It needs to do well under the ground for this. The work of the Ministry of Transportation. In the last meeting, two months after the new year Adapazarı Gebze commencement of the suburbs said they will start.

We will pay 22 MILLION BORCU
Büyükakın gave information about the loan and said: U İSU will receive credit for its debts to us. This is an indirect financing method. We don't need this money. But we will make the ISU move more comfortably. Iller bank will give this credit pretty much. This situation will not force ISU. The sea buses were not removed. We have work on this. 4 are working on it for years. We had 15 million pounds per year. We have now reduced this loss to 6 million. Şu Büyükakın stated that the feasibility studies for the ropeway were positive and that the first information was positive, di The tender will be made with the build-operate-transfer method. We have to wait at least three months for this, Bun he said. Deputy Chairman of the CHP Hüseyin Yılmaz asked KOTO and KSO to transfer their rights in the Fair and to hear about the fair. He said that the SGK debt of the fair is 22 million debt and that they are working on the payment of the 13,5 million in return for the immovables. The trolley loan, which was brought up in the first session of the Assembly and sent to the Plan and Budget Commission, was also raised. Metropolitan Municipality of Otogar-SEKA Park will make a tram project for the 22 million pounds over the ISU credit. After the loan to be received in return for the loan of 13,5 million lira from the ISU to the Metropolitan, the works will be accelerated.

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