The second railway line in Izmir

The second railway line to Izmir: the railway transportation between Denizli and Izmir, İzm not a high-speed train “, ında accelerated train İzmir project will be implemented.

Dı The transportation time from Denizli to İzmir will be shortened by high speed train hızlı, and it was another spring. The speed of the trains will increase but this will not be by high-speed train. Instead, an ata accelerated train ”project will be implemented.

Expectations of high speed train line between Denizli and Izmir were empty. In the fourth period of the 2014 year under the chairmanship of the Governor Şükrü Kocatepe, TCDD İzmir 3 attended the Provincial Coordination Board Meeting. Regional Manager Murat Bakir, Denizli-Izmir gave information about the line between.

Transfer of TCDD Regional Directorate investments in Denizli during the meeting, Copper, the railway line extending to Izmir double-direction construction and consultancy tender to do the tender, he said. Copper, 1 million 756 thousand pounds of the work was tender and June 2015 will be ready for the study project, such as specifying the route, the route of the road, construction of new structures, such as the construction of the bridges will be prepared for the construction work. The train can be driven at a constant speed of 120 when the double line is made and this speed can be increased up to 160.

Governor Kocatepe'nin "Is this the fast train?" Question Copper, "This is a normal railway line. There is currently no program for high-speed train. Da

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said, program There is a high speed train program, but no project or construction tender has been made yet. Denizli-Izmir high-speed train project is available in the ministry Denizli.

Kocatepe stressed the need for laying a high-speed train line rather than making the second line, gerekti Once they sold us black and white TVs to the big money. And then they took off the color, sold them to big bucks. The train line is not like this, you can get a high-speed train if the high-speed train line can be laid. As far as I understand, we are turning the railway to the motorized train track. Benim

The Director of the region, Copper, the ministry of business is at the disposal of the current work is not currently available for expressing the train, said: tasarruf There are many level crossings between Denizli and Izmir. The construction of the second line suggests that these gates should be arranged. If a separate line is made for the high speed train, tunnels may need to be opened. Moreover, some parts of the road have very sharp bends. That line needs to be rebuilt. O

Governor Kocatepe on the words of the construction technology has improved, the issue can be discussed again, he said.



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