İZBANda door failure left Izmir residents in a difficult situation

İZBANda door failure in Izmir left a difficult situation: To go to schools and workplaces In the early morning in the neighborhood of Sirinyer from Izmir suburban (IZBAN) to the direction of Izmir people came to the station, the door was late because of the door to go.

Izmir, the new transfer system with the realization of the life of the İZBAN and to provide transportation by metro, the people of Izmir, this morning due to a difficult time door failure. Early in the morning Şirinyer district Aliağa direction to ride to the station to go to the citizens who came to the school was late for school and workplace. The people of Izmir, after a long time full of races from each other to ride İZBAN. Many citizens had to wait for İZBAN next time due to occupancy. Some citizens viewed the crowd with their mobile phones.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 18:16

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