İZBAN divided Torbalı into two

İZBAN divided Torbalı into two: The overpass built by the Metropolitan Municipality in Torbalı turned into an ordeal for the disabled and the elderly. When the elevator on the overpass breaks down many times during the day, citizens are forced to climb the 120-step ladder each time.

The overpass, built by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for pedestrians to cross the highway comfortably, turned into torture for the disabled and the elderly. When the elevator on the overpass breaks down 3 times a day, the elderly, sick and disabled people who have to use the overpass on the hospital road have to climb the 120-step ladder each time. İZBAN, which could not be completed for 2011 years although its construction started in 3, divides the district into two, only one pedestrian overpass was built in front of the Government House. While the fall of a pedestrian overpass on İZBAN, which is kilometers long, is being discussed, the elevator of the only pedestrian overpass does not work. On the other side of Torbalı, elderly, disabled, and children who want to reach many institutions, especially hospitals, on the west side of Torbalı have to cross the 120-step ladder because the elevator does not work.

"Overpasses like freaks"
Disabled, 32-year-old Ufuk Tükel, who is in a wheelchair, is one of those who suffered from this torture. Tükel, who had to go to Torbalı State Hospital for treatment, reacted to the authorities because of the broken elevator. Stating that the railway was closed with iron bars from the entrance to the exit of Torbalı, Tükel said, “İZBAN, which divides the district into two, prevented vehicle and pedestrian crossings. There are two vehicle overpasses like freaks, but we head towards the elevator because we are disabled. It is constantly out of order and we cannot use it. Find a remedy. With my disabled condition, I come from Atalan District, which is about 25 kilometers away, to the district center. However, I do not have the difficulty I had 200 meters before the hospital, ”he said.
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IZBAN divided the town into two
After İZBAN divided the district into two, Torbalı State Hospital, District National Education Directorate, Public Education Center Directorate, District Police Department, Food, Agriculture and Livestock District Directorate, Forestry Operation Chief, Military Branch, as well as 3 high schools, 3 primary schools and One kindergarten was also located in Torbalı's west side. Especially the disabled, the elderly, pregnant and women with children are experiencing great difficulties due to the broken elevator. While disabled people cannot cross the street, those with prams or market cars embrace their cars and climb the 120-step ladder.



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