Here is the cost of Istanbul traffic

📩 30/11/2018 18:26

Here is the cost of traffic in Istanbul: Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced yesterday that the service tools released from the use of the bomb dropped like a bomb. The service providers believe that the 20 application can start after the year. But the government's plan is to finish it up to 2018. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Consultant Professor Mustafa Ilıcalı stated that the annual cost of congested traffic in Istanbul is 6 billion TL.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transport Advisor Professor Mustafa Ilıcalı announced that the cost of congested traffic in Istanbul is 1 billion TL per year. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transport Consultant Professor Mustafa Ilıcalı participated in a live broadcast on CNN Türk. Speaking about the new service arrangement, Ilıcalı stated that Istanbul will be removed after the public transportation takes a certain distance.


The annual cost of traffic jam in Istanbul is 1 billion TL, u The Yenikapı metro, which will be opened on Saturday, will receive a certain load over Istanbul traffic. 6 thousand people ride to the metrobus a day, Met he said.

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