Istanbul's rail network is expanding

The rail system network of Istanbul is expanding: The rail system width in Istanbul continues. With the new connection to be made between Aksaray - Yenikapı, a person leaving Kartal will be able to reach Atatürk Airport by rail.

With the opening of the “Aksaray-Yenikapı” metro line, which will provide great integration between rail systems in Istanbul, on Sunday, November 9, someone who travels from Kartal will be able to travel by rail to Atatürk Airport.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to make Istanbul the second city with the longest rail system network in the world, will open the Aksaray-Yenikapı metro line on Sunday with the participation of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu.

After the Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge and Yenikapı metro station were opened on February 15, 2014 with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, then Prime Minister, a new link will be added to the rail system of Istanbul on Sunday.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 2019 kilometers in 430 and 2019 kilometers in length after 776, advances towards the goal of the modern metro network, and the rail systems in Istanbul will be connected to each other with the launch of the Aksaray-Yenikapı metro line.


With the opening of the Aksaray-Yenikapı metro line, someone who sets off from Kartal will have the opportunity to travel by rail system to Atatürk Airport.

In addition, from Üsküdar to Başakşehir, from Maltepe to Bağcılar, from Göztepe to Mahmutbey, KadıköyFrom Aksaray, Taksim to Atatürk Airport, Levent to the bus station, Maltepe to Esenler and Maslak to Bayrampaşa, it will be possible to travel continuously by the rail system.

Marmara University, Head of Istanbul Studies Department Dr. Recep Bozlagan, said that the opening of the Aksaray-Yenikapı metro line will be held on Sunday 5 million people living 13 district will be integrated with Marmaray said.


Bozlağan, Aksaray-Yenikapi metro line for Istanbul was of strategic importance.

Only the length of the line with a length of 700 meters, the neck is of great importance, indicating that Bozlağan, said:

“The biggest integration among the rail systems in Istanbul will take place thanks to this short line. Aksaray-Airport, Topkapı-Sultançiftliği and Bus Station-Başakşehir metro lines and Merter-Bağcılar tram line will be integrated with Marmaray. In other words, 5 districts where approximately 13 million people live will be integrated with Marmaray. A short but big step will be taken for both Istanbul and Istanbul residents on Sunday. ”

Professor Dr. Bozlağan, adding that the number of daily passengers carried by Marmaray will increase when the line goes into service, adding, “An important part of the transfers especially to Taksim, Mecidiyeköy, Levent and Maslak direction will start on this line. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will be a great relief with the transportation of other metro lines that are still under construction.

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