The new transit area of ​​İpekyolu Marmaray and Kanal İstanbul

New transit area of ​​Silk Road Marmaray and Channel Istanbul: Economist Cemil Ertem, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's 2. Abdul Hamid is complementary to the mission and that at this point begins the confrontation with the West, he said that great steps have been taken for a strong Turkey.

Participating in the Sabah Gündemi program broadcasted on Moral FM, Ertem pointed out that Abdülhamit Han 2nd was also the Bosphorus bridge project, and said, “There is an irrigation project for the Konya plain. Konya plain has been evaluated as a great wealth. The oil fields in Jerusalem, the oil fields in Mosul and Kirkuk, the oil fields in Baghdad were all identified one by one. A Ministry of Neft was established. Depending on all these, the deposits have been identified, mapped and steps have been taken towards nationalization. He even did something like this. It is very interesting that Abdulhamid II transferred all these oil fields in Mosul, Kirkuk, Baghdad and the Middle East to his property after Duyun-u Umumiye was troubled by the Ottoman State in 2. In fact, at that time, Abdulhamit II was slandered by saying 'You are a thief'. The reason for this is this: Duyun-u Umumiye is because they should not be confiscated. These were the personal property of the sultan, but after the revolution in 1881, these deposits were again transferred to the treasury and after they were transferred to the treasury, Duyun-u seized them. In other words, Mosul and Kirkuk were gone after Abdulhamid II was settled. It was never recovered again. And one of the most important requirements was to extend the Treaty of Lausanne with Turkey's National Pact limits. In other words, you will not touch the Mosul and Kirkuk oil fields. They are not the substance belongs to Turkey is the UK's chief agent in Lausanne. Lausanne has two most important articles. One of them is Strait passages. It is not in Turkey's Bosporus passage of time. Second, Turkey is not the rule in the oilfields of the Middle East and in control. In 2, with Montreux, it was given the control of the Bosphorus passages, somewhat formally. However, the straits have always been the passenger's inn for the west. In the 1909 Montreux improvement, Fahri Korutürk admits: 'Montreux is essentially an improvement, but because of the fear of Stalin the West did it'. So what is Erdogan doing now? Marmaray and Kanal Istanbul project pierce both Lausanne and Montreux. By making an oil agreement with the Northern Iraq Kurdish Administration, it controls the oil of Mosul and Kirkuk. This has made the West crazy and gone mad. "The Gezi uprising and the 2-1936 December operations should be viewed from this perspective."

Stating that the West opposes the projects for this reason, Ertem said, “These projects mean the disintegration of Lausanne. The disintegration of Lausanne means a new era. Is a new era for a new era both for Turkey and the Middle East and the West that means losing gains in Lausanne. Therefore, they oppose both Kanal Istanbul and Marmaray projects. Why did Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe come to the opening of Marmaray?

In particular, China, Japan and the Pacific support Marmaray. Because the new İpekyol passes from here. Marmaray and Kanal Istanbul are the crossing areas of the new Silk Road. The new Silk Road, which starts from the ports of China, namely the ports of the East China Sea, from the big ports such as Beijing, connects to Anatolia by the Baku-Kars-Tbilisi-Erzurum railway over Turkmenistan-Kyrgyzstan-Caspian Sea and from there it reaches Europe by using the high-speed train lines and the Marmaray pass. You know that the previous Silk Road was passing through the Southeast. The New Silk Road passes further north and reaches Europe by using the straits with high speed train passes through Anatolia. And this is essentially an alternative to the Transatlantic Free Market Agreement currently signed by Europe and the USA, and is a complement to it. In this sense, an Istanbul-Berlin line is established from Beijing. This line is established independently from Germany-based Europe and London. This essentially means a new World. And globalization means the development of an East via Turkey. Now, it is the Recep Tayyip Erdogan era that creates all this awareness. This period is the period to come again self silkelenip Turkey, "he said.


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