The Silk Road is Revitalized by Modern High Speed ​​Train

The Silk Road is Revitalized by Modern High Speed ​​Train: A consultation meeting was held for the yeniden Silk Road Economic Zone: transportation project, which will increase the cultural and commercial relations by reviving the old Silk Road.

A large-scale consultation meeting of the 'Silk Road Economic Zone' development project to revive the old Silk Road through the modern high-speed train network took place in Xian, China. 18-20 October, on the historical Silk Road in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region meeting held between Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkey joined the delegations.

Turkey at a meeting organized by the Chinese government, China Silk Road Turkish-Economic and Cultural Cooperation Association (TÜÇİD) was represented.

TÜÇİDER Chairman of the Board Dr. Zeyneş İsmail, in his speech at the consultation meeting, emphasized that the project kel İpekyolu Economic Zone toplantı will bridge the economic ties of the countries on the historical Silk Road. The need to reinforce trade relations of China's historical ties with Turkey Referring Zeyneş Ismail, said in his speech: "The historical Silk Road as a bridge between Western civilization and the East, 'Silk Road Economic Belt' will be revived by the project. The transport network project, which is an important development move, will provide an interaction and trade environment between countries and peoples of the region. Especially in the past rooted in the same geography China's cultural ties with Turkey, 21. century, economic and commercial relations should be strengthened. Both countries will have a stronger position on the world economy by combining cultural co-operation between the two countries with economic and commercial activities. İki

China and Turkey should consist Güçbirliği

TÜÇİD is making speech at the International Investment Committee Chairman Yunus Emre Armagan consultation meetings in the past with the Silk Road revival in world trade, the main route through neighboring countries, Turkey was passed to ensure economic prosperity. He began in the city of Xi'an in China will end in Istanbul, the modern high-speed train network civilization to Yunus Emre Armagan words stating that combines continued as follows: "The West's doors with the contribution will enable Turkey to the project will be spaced. China and Turkey, has the world's two fastest growing economies. Considering historical ties, I believe that when we unite our forces, an alternative to the developed economies of the world will be created. Da

Armagan, with the Chinese government invited Chinese businessmen to invest in Turkey who want to make economic cooperation with China, he said it was also open their doors to Turkish citizens as TÜÇİD.

TÜÇİDER Chairman of the Board of Directors Prof.Dr. Zeyneş Ismail was the Turkey representative of the modern Silk Road project.

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