Inegöle high-speed train lottery

📩 30/11/2018 18:25

Inegöle high-speed train lottery: The high-speed train line connecting Bursa and Ankara was attached to the landslide. It was reported that the route was shifted to İnegöl due to the landslides experienced in the regions where the high speed train line will pass through Yenişehir.

Inegol Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) is expected to pass through the high-speed train line passed through Mezitler from Inegol will be connected to Bursa said. It was learned that the tender for the new project will be made on 11 December 2014.

Bursa Party President Cemalettin Torun, who made the relevant statements, said: al High speed train (YHT) is one of the most important investments of Bursa. Our government wants to meet the high-speed train in Bursa. We desire this as an organization. Geographical conditions can sometimes prevent this. In the heart of 2016, we are doing serious work for Bursa to meet YHT. But the road connecting route between Ankara and Bursa, Turkey is passing through the most rugged terrain. During these works, wetlands or landslides can be experienced. What is important is the fast train to Bursa. The work continues on the most solid ground. It is not a situation to be brought. Security must be ensured. In geological studies, it is reported that there are some landslides such as landslides within the borders of Yenişehir district which is planned to pass by YHT. State Railways is doing its work. The important thing is not where the route passes, Bursa's fast train to meet as soon as possible.

The current route was determined as Yenişehir, Osmaniye and Vezirhan, and the works were carried out in this direction. President Cemalettin Torun said, m There is a landslide in these regions and the route shifts towards İnegöl. No matter where it is, you get to Bursa. There's also a no. İnegöl is the biggest district on the way to Ankara. I think that the passing of the high-speed train line through İnegöl will make an important contribution to İnegöl. I think there's no on behalf of Inegol. It will be a very important result. Because Inegöl 250 is a region with a population of thousand, developed in the sense of industry, Çünkü he said.
Torun, the new project related to the change of route is prepared, but the route is not clearly explained the places where the route, he said.

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