It is free to go to the statue by car

The statue is paid to go by car: Drivers who want to go to Sculpture car will pay the extra price as in London.
Mayor Recep Altepe, who was the guest of the program 'With the President' presented by Nejat Kırbulut on AS TV, said that it would be a high price to go to Sculpture. Altepe, "a similar model in London will apply in Bursa," he said.
Altepe, ulaşabil 1,50 TL with rail system will be able to reach the city center. However, when you go by car, your car will be expensive. 10 will not pay any fees. If you leave it on the street, it will be shot. Cadde
Prime Minister Davutoğlu's 'Priority Transformation Program' will be implemented in Bursa. Those who want to go out with Sculpture will pay the extra price as in London.
A new application for the city center will come due to reasons such as traffic density, environmental concerns and protection of historical areas. Mayor Recep Altepe, who was a guest of the program 'With the President' presented by Nejat Kırbulut on AS TV, said that it would be a high price to drive to the Sculpture from now on.
President Recep Altepe stating that they want to reduce the tire wheel vehicle entrance to Sculpture, so the London model said they would implement a similar. In the context of the giriş Priority Transformation Program ücret announced by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, Altepe clarified that the service vehicles in the subway routes should be lifted and the entrance to the city center should be paid. 'There is no one-to-one fee. But it will be paid. When you get on the rail system, you can go to 1,50 TL and return to the same price. But if you want to go with your car will leave the car will be expensive, at least 10 you will pay. New parking lots will be built, but parking lots will not be enough for all cars. Therefore the parking fee will also be high. You will not be able to park anywhere or your vehicle will be pulled out of the place where you left off. That's a price. What will the citizens do in this case; use the tram and subway. As the city develops, these are necessary. On the one hand, the tram runs on the one hand and our subway works are continuing. Bir
Expressing that the service vehicles were removed from the mainland spontaneously with the rail system and subway investments, President Altepe said, servis Nearly all of the taxis have been lifted in the regions where the T1 line is returned. Other lines have also begun to decrease. When we increase our number of wagons and more frequently, the service and minibuses will be taken by themselves. Lightning line will be made, the road will be finished from right and left to Kaplıkaya. In the upper region by tram, the citizens of BursaRay will come to the city center. They don't need tools. For this we will make ample mechanical car parks along the Lightning line. No parking on the main street. We will do parking at certain intervals. Bel

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