The Tonya-Vakfıkebir Highway Damaged by Heyelandan Will Be Opened To One Lane

Tonya-Vakfıkebir Highway Damaged by Heyelandan One Lane Access to Transportation: Due to the landslide about 3 weeks before the transportation Tonya-Vakfıkebir road transport will be opened in a single lane tomorrow.
Trabzon Governor Abdil Celil Öz, because of the landscaping 19 since October, found on the road to the foundation found investigations on the Vakfıkebir-Tonya. Together with the Regional Director Selahattin Bayramchavus, Tonya District Governor Halit Mengi, District Mayor Osman Bashel investigating the Governor Öz, said the effort was made to open the road for transportation.
Governor Öz, gay The day of the landslide to open the road to the relevant institutions showed an intensive effort. Without waiting for the tender process, this place was given to construction site contractors and construction was started. We work day and night. We are closely following the process. We have difficulties in transportation. Therefore, we intensified the studies. They said 3 didn't end in the month, but apparently significant distances were taken. Road related studies have been completed to a large extent. Finally, the base concrete is pouring today. The backfill will also be done and we will provide a single lane on Sunday afternoon. After that, we will also raise the concrete at the bottom of the road and raise the backfill to the road level. Then we will complete our excavation and masonry works in the upper part of the road and gradually complete this work as soon as possible with a regular asphalt. Sonra



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