A number of traumatic accidents

At the level crossing, there are many injured people in a terrible accident: 7 people were injured as a result of the collision of a truck and a train at the level crossing in Bitlis's Tatvan district.

According to the information obtained, the accident occurred at the level crossing in Bahçelievler District. Under the direction of Arif K., the 56 AZ 404 plate van was dragged about 20 meters by the train crash while passing through the level crossing. Izettin K., Maide E., Güler O. and Narin, Songül, Kübra and Ceren G. were injured in the accident. While the injured were taken to Tatvan State Hospital by ambulances, the driver Arif K. İse survived the injury.

The driver of the vehicle, Arif K., who has become unusable due to the accident, said that when the train arrives, the gate lights in the level crossing should work and the barriers should be closed. Arif K., who pointed out that the lights and barriers do not work at the intersection of the car and railway tracks, said: işt This is the road crossing area. My life is burned, not to hurt others. If there is a crossing here, this place must be closed. In which country do we live? Can't we? Is it too hard to signal when the train arrives? Nothing works in terms of warning and warning. İk

Abdulhalim Kartal, one of the citizens who stated that the lights were not on and the barriers were not working, said that the lights and barriers were installed, they were removed again because they did not work over time, and that there were no precautions in the same place. kazanSaid it happened.

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