Tender to the Bridge

The tender for the bridge is going on: Burhaniye district of Balikesir on the central carriage road on the Karıca Stream on the old bridge is being rebuilt by the municipality.
After Burhaniye Mayor Necdet Uysal took office, arms were rolled up to rebuild the old bridge, which was one of the issues that he meticulously emphasized. Bridge demolition and construction tender will be held on 27.11.2014 Thursday at 15.00:2009 in the council chamber. The bridge, which is planned to be the same as the new bridge built in 2,15, will be XNUMX cm wide with a trot wall, especially due to the frequent use of the Cumhuriyet Quarter residents and industry tradesmen. Due to the increasing population of Burhaniye, the old bridge will be demolished and a new one will be built.


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