Kite Skiing at Erciyes Mountain

Erciyes Mountain Kite Ski: The skiing season is opened early on the snow thickness of 35 centimeter on the Mount Erciyes, slalom and snowboard activities, as well as snowkite is done.

Snowkite (kite skiing) is also performed on Mount Erciyes, where the snow thickness, which opens early in the ski season, exceeds 35 centimeters on the tracks, as well as slalom, strength and snowboard activities.

In the two days of the season, the snow thickness on the ground reached half a meter in places, with the operation of more than 2 artificial snow machines belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality Erciyes Inc.

National trainer Mehmet Enterceoğlu, who runs a ski resort on Mount Erciyes, said that they made ski lovers a special excitement with Snowkite. Entertainer said:

“Erciyes is one of the most important places in the world for snowkite (snow kite) sport. The regular winds in winter, the absence of trees around it, and the fact that you can start right in front of the hotels and facilities and return to the hotels make Erciyes a special place for snowkite. In addition, one of the few official snowkite areas in the world is in Erciyes. You can take snowkite training or rent equipment at Erciyes Ski Center.